Introducing Nlp – Nlp Persuasion Techniques

Introducing Nlp – Nlp Persuasion Techniques

In definition, by Wikipedia, Persuasion is the process of guiding oneself or another toward the adoption of an idea, attitude, or action by rational and symbolic (though not always logical) means. The NLP Persuasion Techniques is all about to get someone to belief in what we believe by using techniques developed on fundamental of neuro linguistic programming study. NLP Persuasion Technique 1: Using Hype words
You can actually use some hype words in order to increasing the interest of listener for them to believe and accept your point of view, like using word of “amazing”, “absolute”, “powerful”, “fantastic”, “unbelievable”, “mystery”, “magic” and etc. This is not misleading, but is hype the real fact to make it more trustworthy, just like wearing branded cloth to make you nicer looking, but definitely it is not kinds of cheating. NLP Persuasion Technique 2: Using the words spoken by the listener
Word is representing Meaning, but with the same word may means differently for some people due to different experiences. The words that repeated most by the listener can be very high chances of these words mean important to him/her. So, using the word spoken by the person you would like to persuade most likely will make them more believe in what you are saying. The more frequent it is repeated and using exactly same word they are using will be more persuasive. To be more subtle, even you can pronounce it with the tone exactly same with what had the listener done; this is definitely a highly skillful persuasion technique. NLP Persuasion Technique 3: Anchoring Technique
Anchoring is a process of stimulating some intense emotion by triggering certain anchoring point. So, when you really want to get somebody persuaded and totally agree on your point of view, just do some questioning to reveal what is that person believing and how they are persuaded to believe. Then recall the experience (the emotion will be triggered as well) and follow that strategies exactly that to make him believe, just that simple. NLP Persuasion Technique 4: Pace and lead
Keep adjusting your language and speed in order to more closely match theirs. Matching or mirroring the gesture and posture of sitting or standing in the same position that they do. Follow their facial expressions. This must be done in initial stage in order to get trusted & building rapport subconsciously before you execute any persuasion technique. Because believe is created by trust, and trust is created by rapport. Once you are trusted, only then lead them to agree your point of view. NLP Persuasion Technique 5: Power of Assumption
Assumption is treating some experience to be true but it is haven’t happen in fact. This is powerful because you can create a “picture” inside their mind and they can “see” and “feel” it is real! For instance, if you are an estate agent, you can describe the scenario how fantastic it will be to your potential clients after they have bought the house, like, they can have the fun time with their children at the playground and etc. This will definitely create the inner intense feeling by visualizing by which created by your hypnotic word. With excellent nlp persuasion techniques, will definitely uplift your persuasion skill to that level of people will be persuaded by you in anytime, anywhere and even anyhow. This will lead to you success in the fastest pathway.

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