Irresistable Instant Motivation

PJ from reveals how to use the same motivation circuits that make you eat or procrastinate, to do USEFUL things instead.

27. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. @theory816 lol same!

  2. omg. it is amazing! thank you! i didnt just clean my make up desk but i cleaned my entire room! thank you! 😀

  3. PJ: Absolutely brilliant and I can’t wait to look at the rest of your stuff.

    Just one thing man: Lose the 80s glasses and haircut, you look like me! We’re easy to spot in a crowd as computer programmers; but I’d expect a self-help guru to wear a suit, have contacts or modern glasses, cool ‘do, a tan, etc.

    Or maybe you’re going for the “I’m just like you” look? 🙂

    That aside, I think you’ve got a new customer 😀

  4. This is flippin’ brilliant!!!!

  5. thats so funny how he said watching videos on the internet while you should be working, because thats exactly what i am doing now while at work. haha

  6. Great I tried this on my very messy computer desktop which I always wanted to clean after following the steps I just couldn’t resist not to clean it . thank you it is an amazing technique.

  7. WOW! when i started watching this i was eating a piece of cake when i wasnt supposed to, watching videos on the internet while i shouldve been working, and had a messy deck i should have cleaned… YOU ARE A MIND HACKER!!!! O.O

  8. Haha. I loved the sounds of pleasure.

  9. @CkNyan Tony Robbins discusses this too .. he mentions the scientific name for this brain function of goal seeking.. but you explain “how to do it” very well

  10. @CkNyan

    This is good … Thanks

  11. he made me clean my whole damn room…

  12. Found myself putting away pens a bit before the video even ended. I’m as lazy as it gets.. heck I was planning to play my game but wanted to clean my desk first?? I even went into this thinking it wouldn’t work.
    This is weird. I get it though, but it just seems so simple for something that’s usually so hard.

  13. PJ, you were just featured on, that’s pretty big buddy.

  14. Very interesting. I think the non-linear description of the brain you provide is actually a description of a CHAOTIC mind, which means initial conditions can have profound and explosive effects, while others do nothing. I think you left out that what this technique does is linearizes our thoughts.

    This technique taps into emotion. Very much like a cognitive/behavioral therapy, where we utilize our abstraction and cognitive abilities to influence our affect, i.e. moods, emotions, or impulses.

  15. Love the video, my desk is clean, seriously. I originally saw this video on Wimp com then had trouble finding it here. Try adding TAGS like “clean” “desk” “mind” “hack” “mindhack” Those are what people remember most from the video. Can’t wait to watch more, Cheers.

  16. I didn’t clean my desk for months. It took me an hour and it never been so clean. I must ask something: Are you a wizard? ^^

  17. @Grouydtan If you sign up for the mailing list, you’ll get access to the seven chapters I wrote previously, and you’ll be notified when my subscription programs open up again. Right now I’m doing private training only.

  18. @CkNyan Understanding isn’t the same as doing.

  19. @CV422 Same as with any other mutli-step task – you envision whatever will make you feel good about it — even if it’s just “what kind of person” you’ll be when you’ve done it.

  20. @virtualsushiz That’s exactly what happened to me, this guy is the man

  21. Damn. Started cleaning my desk 2 minutes into the video

  22. @virtualsushiz Same. It’s almost annoying how well it works.

  23. I enjoyed this. The desk hack worked, and I’ll see if I can apply this to other things.

    Great job. =D

  24. It’s spelled Irresistible… Good hack though, I did clean my desk.

  25. I think I understand the trick. It still didn’t compel me to clean my desk. I had the ‘feeling’ and everything. Scheduling and the proud feeling of sticking to that schedule works better, imo. Keep is more important anyway.
    I agree the “dig in” or other motivation quotes are pointless.

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