Jim Rohn – Walk away from the 90 percent

Jim Rohn (1930-2009) is a legend in personal development. From humble beginnings, Jim became one of the world’s truly great speakers and writers on the power of human potential. In this clip, Jim talks passionately about the folly of following the crowd. Social proof is one of the most powerful forces but we must be the shepherd, not the sheep, if we are to design a life of happiness.
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13. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. you can go back because i did it – i spent everything and got my self ina hole. i was also very fit and became fat. you CAN slide back – so beware of your greatest enemy – yourself!

  2. @IONIESKYE amazing !

  3. god bless his soul ! i wish i could have met him once ! but he is with us with his heritage and knowledge.

  4. Jim rohn is amazing. A truly great model of how the individual can be great despite the individuals surroundings.

  5. What a great clip! Jim on fire!!

  6. Amazing and motivating. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Oh my…. I miss him, even though I never got to meet him :-(, so sorry he`s gone, however I love all of his work and he will always live on in our hearts, thank you for having this channel.

  8. To Many Jims words will hit about 95% of all the ears who hear and to a few it will hit 5% of our souls – Thank you Jim, you’re in our hearts, 100% of us!

  9. Nice one

  10. I have joined the 3% jejeje, join me! 🙂

  11. 97% … much higher than 90%

  12. Join the 3.0%


  14. A legend!

  15. Just stoppin by

  16. cool channel

  17. your videos have nice message, i like them a lot…

  18. hey, just stopping by…

  19. amazing videos

  20. One of my first trainers in Phoenix, Az was Jim, when he came with the founder of our company Mark Hughes. His words still live in my heart & soul. I have been truly blessed to have Jim in my life and we can still find him daily in his books & tapes.

  21. Why does the stop at 35 seconds every time ya try to listen to it.

  22. waaaaaalkkkkkkkkk aaaawwwaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy from the 97 %%%%%%%%% i listen to this great man every morning to start of my day positive

  23. Listening to this is like he’s speaking directly to me. Like he’s seen what i’ve been doing for the past few months and he’s confirming that it is worth while and simultaneously inspiring me to continue. Thank you jim and thank you tony!

  24. *Walk away from the 95 % 😉

  25. Wish I had known you while he was still alive. I’ve been watching this like 10 times a day! I like the way he talks:)

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