John Graden Interviews Tony Robbins on Martial Arts TV 3

If you like Tony Robbins, you’ll love John Graden’s new book, “The Impostor Syndrome: How to Replace Self-Doubt with Self-Confidence and Train Your Brain for Success.” at
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15. August 2011 by Admin
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  2. i am the best boxing trainer in the world bar none

  3. I have zero interest in martial arts. But this video is inspiring because you can apply what Tony says here to your situation in real life.

  4. @bottomfeedar i’ve talked with people about this before

    the “classical” signs of lying are wrong

    studies show this… plus, common sense

  5. Remember I was here.Thai

  6. Wow Wow great information. If you are looking for an opportuinty to set up a plan B. Get back with the people who sent you to this link. Don’t miss out!!!!

    Carl “TE” Randolph

  7. this interview is really good i give it 5 stars =)

  8. ROFLMAO @ 5:59
    Not only what he says but his delivery.

  9. lol… that doesn’t really matter…. I like the stroy of the burnt man… its insanely inspiring…

  10. DAMN he wears his pants mad high lmao!

  11. biggest bunch of bullshit spread so heavy you can pave a city

  12. Tone’s touching his face and chin alot during this interview which in body language terms means he’s bullshitting … LOL .

  13. That hairpiece had some dude stuck to the bottom of it. I do wish that karate guy would shut the fuck up though. Don’t talk over your guests! Jeez!

  14. I agree with you to a certain extent but what if that person would have transferred that $5000 from SOME lifestyle to his seminars? in that specific example, the value gained could be greater

  15. Nice content, but videographer needs to learn “theory of thirds”.

  16. IS THAT A WIG?

  17. dang u guys, i have not been paying attention to what the talk was all about , all because i was watching his head – grrrr – lolz


  19. i scrolled down and read this then i scrolled back up and watched his head and i am not lying at all i lauphed for like 10 minutes straight

  20. awesome stuff

  21. lol, its his airstyle, its real funny

  22. why is the dude’s hair moving all he time.. watch his forehead

  23. indeed indeed. I was watching this thing on fit tv of this guy that went to war and came home with his legs missing. He had a wife, kids, and with his legs missing he couldnt work. He eventually pulled thru it all tho and is doing extremly well now. I saw this pretty young girl that had to be around 17 or so with no legs. Another person that had a burnt disfigured face. I think about how hard it is for those people and yet they move forward when I start to bitch and complain about my problems.

  24. It always gets me how stars are so rude when the cameras are not rolling. He’s so smug and blows off Tony Robbins in the beginning when Tony’s excited giving him some advice… “Mmm-hmmm.” he retorts, and then he says Tony Robbins is such an inspiration to him! rotflmao

  25. Inspreing

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