John Grinder on Modelling

John Grinder, NLP Co-Creator, gives his personal view on modelling, the discipline that created the field of NLP.

30. July 2011 by Admin
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  1. i like grinder better as a person but i guess he doesnt use hypnosis, at least i cant find any cds

  2. he is much better than Bandler, at least he makes more reliable impression. Talks straight, briefly and logic without boasting, joking and whole that obscure showanship which Bandler constantly presents. Bandler = showman, Grinder = scientist. Finito.

  3. my favorite part is when he explains modeling

  4. does grinder do hypnosis he doesnt seem to have many books that i can find and the ones that he does have dont seem very friendly to people who aren’t deeply into nlp

  5. @BananaSandwich1 There’s certainly a link. Insulin is a hormone which deposits fat in your body. Check it out online. More importantly, why question me when you can simply look it up? Seems like a waste of time. I’m not trying to sound sarcastic or hostile. Just genuinely interested in why asking me about that is better than looking it up online. I wrote that comment months ago. Things have significantly changed since then.

  6. diabeties makes you fat?


  8. Preposterous (and frankly incomprehensible and odd) that this co-creator (And dynamic speaker) of NLP has only this many number of views.

  9. Richard Bandler MURDERED Corine Christensen with a .357 Magnum revolver ? ? ? WTF!!!

    Do the research – Read “THE BANDLER METHOD” by Frank Clancy and Heidi Yorkshire. It’s online and free.

  10. How insulting! You are interested in NLP yet don’t apply it to yourself? That’s exactly what Grinder is proposing we don’t do. You contradict yourself as well. You don’t like most americans yet Grinder is one. Oh but you said “most”. Well you’re still generalizing ignorantly and Bandler is a diabetic which would be a good addition to why he is overweight. And you’re basically calling the man fat and greedy. It sounds very very immature and childish to me. But that’s me and my opinion is my own

  11. @ogfunk187 alot of trainers do free or cheap weekends as a taster, books are good, but ideally you need a bit or training to really utlize and understand books

  12. what’s then the best way to learn NLP? The seminars seem quite expensive, can you learn from a book?

  13. Let’s see, what does it take to write a book? Here we go. Chapter one: Johntkucz is a Fucktard. Chapter two: The End. I’ll post it on-line as a download. There’s a book for ya. As for you, I’ll include ignorant and mentally compromised along with bad breath and crooked teeth. You’re a waste of my time. You don’t measure up. You failed at life.

  14. What does that even mean??? “Heros show takes on a whole new meaning in NLP terms :): the stupid tv show “heros”?? or someone’s heroes?? what are you talking about? Do I care? no. Do I think you’re trying to communicate something that may be worthwhile for others? yes.

  15. Dude, at the end of the day, it appears you’re trying to erronesously equate my own personal stereotypes and dislike of a country and admirations for others as some kind of evaluation of my competency in NLP??? BHABHAHBH WHAT A FUCKTARD!!!!! I’ve written books on nlp, okay. I don’t really give a shit about it It’s on the fringe of acceptable self-help rubbish (all other non-nlp self-help junk truly IS rubbish, imho)but I accept occasional nlp b/c it’s scientific, but science is more worthwhile.

  16. First off, I see what you’re saying about lawsuit copyright obsession…a lot of people are into that fail obsession. Regarding stereotypes though. ERm….I’ll take crooked teeth and bad breath (dental problems) OVER fat and greedy (severe heart disease and belief problems) ANY DAY, no, any MINUTE, no any SECOND of the day. I can’t stand most americans and I’m not sorry if you have a problem with that. Europeans are quality, but aussies have some of the most lucid beliefs of all, imho!

  17. Interesting. American’s are the only people concerned with copyrights and lawsuits? Funny, I have a Japanese lawyer friend who is concerned with the same issues in Japan. Hmmmm….fat AND greedy? I guess I could make the same blanket assumptions about Europeans with respect to crooked teeth and bad breath. Dude, at the end of the day, it appears that you’ve totally missed the entire point about NLP.

  18. no prob. I don’t like most americans (so that’s a disclaimer to my elaboration): “too american”…or rather just american…american is making up a bunch of rubbish…inflating it…then becoming obsessed about copyrights and lawsuits about it (which bandler has regarding his content, I think he even sued grinder or something)…being fat and greedy and bleh. so too much of that. Grinder acts refined and slick, reckon. but cbf nlp stuff.

  19. What do you mean

  20. His brother is a jerk, I saw him in London and I a group of us thought he was riding his brothers fame.

  21. John seems to be good with the audience. His brother Michael is a jerk. I have seen his outburst towards a non-English speaker.

  22. “Too American”?? Can you elaborate on that sir? I’m not clear on what you mean.

  23. damn. Grinder is REALLY frickin’ smart in teaching this stuff (logical, since he co-invented it lol). Grinder seems very refine,d european, elegant. Bandler seems jovial, santa claus, less precise, less elegant, simpler, but kind of too american. Grinder is really good.

  24. grinder is more introverted; bandler extroverted.

  25. look for skills in all people, take what is useful and disregard what is not.

    Heros show takes on a whole new meaning in NLP terms 🙂

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