John Grinder PhD., “What is NLP?”

This was filmed by Darrell Brown. John Grinder, the co-creator of Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP, widely regarded as the leading edge technology in enhancing human performance. In this video John Grinder discusses the New Code of NLP.
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  1. @InspiritiveNLP What does John Grinder think of Derren Brown? I know a lot of his stuff is faked, but his NLP skills in my opinion are awesome. How would I go about Modelling Derren? I want to go to a course there in Sydney. Theres no cost information on that site. How much should i expect to pay for a course that will teach me the NLP skills Derren utilises?
    I’ve always loved psychology and I tihnk i’ll use this when I go to university

  2. @flyingmojo5 NLP is used to capture describe and transfer the expertise of high performers. Once a skill has been captured a ‘model’ is created of that expertise out of the patterns detected by the NLP consultant. At its core the function of NLP is the creation of models of expertise and expert performance. It would be useful for NLP consultants and trainers to create more new models of interesting forms of expertise rather than just teach models that have already been developed.

  3. @InspiritiveNLP
    I am new to NLP, and I am curious to learn as much as I can. Can you please explain your statement here? What do you mean by a “model creation endeavour”? And what do you mean by “more modelling”? Thanks!

  4. Does this work for people who got claustrofobhia?

  5. @KharamiSunato Dr. Grinder is simply expressing his desire to recruit more people in the NLP community to the practice of creating new models. Unfortunately to many trainers and consultants in the NLP world are just focusing on teaching and applying models that have already been developed.

  6. A useful way of thinking about NLP is NLP Modelling (the heart of NLP), and the applications of NLP (the result of Modelling). NLP is not about techniques. Techniques are just one description of ‘patterns’ found through modelling. Embodying the practiced patterns of an expert leads to excellence for the student of NP in that domain.

  7. what in the world is this person talking about? he loses me toward the end.

    what is the difference between applying techniques and excellence…what??

  8. Jargon-riddled claptrap. If it were for me,he’d use words I understand.

  9. recruit people modeling? please help me understand more of the intention here. Is it that Mr.Grinder seeks particular excellence models or more students / both. I have two special skills I can model, live in california and am open to positive dialog. Thank You.

  10. @InspiritiveNLP Thanks. I started training in NLP when I was 19. Studied for 12 years straight before I took a break. Studied under John Overdurf and Dr. Tad James and a few others. A lot of people think you can read a few books and take a few courses and you have it. But NLP is like a professional athlete or artist. It truly is an art, like a musician or guitarist, etc.

  11. @crazymike44 yes, it seems like modeling has been forgotten.

  12. Learn The Truth. JOYOFSATAN,COM

  13. @johntkooz Well John, contact me. I have Grinder as part of a trainers training in Australia this May. – Chris Collingwood

  14. @FloridaRaider Some people do.

  15. @crazymike44 You hit the nail on the head. That’s the problem with many people in the NLP community. They think of NLP as a set of techniques. Not realizing that NLP is a model creation endeavor, that techniques are simply one product, and are created out of patterns. Let’s see more modeling by the NLP community. – Chris Collingwood

  16. He’s saying NLP is the Modeling of Excellence and Excellent Behavior, but 99% of it’s practitioners are merely practicing NLP techniques and not Excellence!

  17. Rant against education is all well and good until you hit upon the thought that a system where citizens weren’t trained to be productive for the society they’re in would quickly die out or become outsourced in which all citizens do no work. Doesn’t work so well. The average is important since average gives you a norm. If you have a norm you know when someone is differing from that. If there’s no problem, you can’t fix it. But how do you tell the problem?

  18. So what the bloody hell is NLP.

  19. yeah he did, its the modelling on excellence

  20. This video was filmed in 2003. Do people still practice NLP today or is this a hoax?

  21. Thanks for uploading this, great video!

    Noone comes close to Grinder + Bandler!

  22. @phongbong when you find out the difference that makes a difference you can use it in different areas.

  23. @DoobieDude56
    he did. did you not hear him speaking? it’s about modelling exceptional people, meaning, observing the way they do things, their conscious and unconscious actions/movements, asking them to go into detail about their mental processes and thoughts, their speech, physical actions and then imitating their ways of doing things for success
    He then says however not many NLP practitioners are taking the time to model successful people/geniuses, instead they are using old models from books

  24. @DoobieDude56
    he did. did you not hear him speaking?

  25. @BananaSandwich1 I will be exploring the John Grinder school now, but this does not imply endorsement of him or NLP by me…yet. Grinder and Bandler admit “reverse-engineering” NLP; the Meta-model and response conditioning were taught in med school at least as far back as the early 70s, before NLP. Clinical hypnosis was considered a parlor trick by MD professors. The greatest strength of NLP maybe its better packaging, marketing and coaching to produce individuals with great psychosocial skills

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