John Grinder talks about the importance of unconscious signals in New Code NLP.

John Grinder talks about the importance of unconscious signals in New Code NLP. For more videos of John Grinder visit.

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  1. consciousness, as he uses the term, is just about attention and perception.

  2. one of the things you have to pay attention to is whether the collosion of logic is inelastic, like a shut the fuck up, and slap in the face, or elastic, and, almost as if it smuggles itself in through some subtle metaphor………

  3. Brilliant! I get more and more out of this everytime I watch it.

  4. This guy is remarkably clever – not all of it sunk in for me however the general premise of it which I like and makes a lot of sense. The problem as I see it is having the time to identify the positive intention behind the SOS when going about your everyday business and then being able to coordinate your activity and maintain congruency! Anyone any ideas on this?

  5. Remember, it’s just one way of talking about the subject.

  6. isn’t it interesting that the so called “primitive” religions use the body and rituals to get to the spirit life and really all of Christianity is based on vicarious participation in Christs’ passion and suffering. Also the whole thing is based on symbolic representations… hard to explain what I am trying to say here but this really made me think about this stuff. I consider my “guru” these days to be Joe Campbell on this stuff. The Structure of Magic Part 1 is incredible too!!

  7. does grinder do hypnosis? if not then why not?

  8. Excellent point about logic of the unconscious and conscious being different logical types. Intriguing definition of creativity!

  9. Perhaps it is something like the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. The act observing changes the state of the observed.

  10. I remember how much I enjoy his verbal precision and depth of understanding – great video.

  11. This guy needs some LSD.

  12. Thank you for posting this rich material!

  13. following the recognitions…OMENS are very valuable to observe and follow. Yes the conscious and unconscious do really appreciate each other in this place. My unconscious knows how to public address, my conscious is like Whoa…cooool!

  14. Thanks for this. Very informative.

  15. Great video explanation :o)

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