John Grinder – Working with Alcoholism

John Grinder talks about his brilliant and unconventional approach for working with alcoholism and other addictions.
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15. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. create a positive mental picture derived through the unconscious mind, which substitutes for the negative and programs the mind towards goals.


  3. Brilliant work with the oft ignored unconscious. Unless it buys in…. relapse after relapse after relapse.

  4. Brilliant way of thinking which corresponds to the fact that the subconscious when told not to do something will turn that statement into a positive one and do the opposite of what is asked. I am discovering NLP and finding that fascinating.

  5. ill never be an alchoholic bcos just the word alchohol makes me feel sick and makes me think of being irritable, depressed and losing all the people that care about you

  6. what d’yu mean? this makes sense, its the best thing ive heard

  7. I’m sorry to hear if anyone is struggling with drug addictions of any type. If you want help, and can’t find help, or if the help you seek isn’t helping you. Try what I have done. Accepted Jesus as Lord in your life. ask him to help you with your addiction, and make a vow to him that you will live for him. If you sincerely desire to stop your addiction then God will deliver you from that stronghold in your life.
    Prepare for your life to be changed. Bless you. HE HAS DELIVERED ME : )

  8. Ridiculous!

  9. Profound strategies! The shocking of “unconsciousness” is a brilliant way to gain rapport with another person. The unconsciousness mind needs to be acknowledged so the resistance level is lessened, can until then can alternative strategies be discovered to replace the problematic behaviour. I agree. You can’t stop a behaviour. You can replace one with another behaviour that is potentially more beneficial to the well-being of the individual.

  10. An exquisite example of Diseases of Meaning in Action. Thanks you.

  11. amazing!

  12. Richard Bandler MURDERED Corine Christensen with a .357 Magnum revolver ? ? ? WTF!!!

    Do the research – Read “THE BANDLER METHOD” by Frank Clancy and Heidi Yorkshire. It’s online and free.

  13. magnificient

  14. I totally agree. It’s like pure ecstasy flowing one your tongue and slips into your stomach til your head feels.. different. Of course then there’s the beautiful part of dry heaving, extremely painful vomiting til your eyes burst and the next morning sensations of what feels like 1,000 jackhammers in your head til your skull cracks. Sounds absolutely wonderful for a fool with no choice. But I love my choices and especially the good ones.

  15. I have to admit I do love a drink. Vodka, port, beer, ale, red wine, white wine, gin, whiskey. Anything really. Fortunately I can take it or leave it ( I mainly take it by the way). One of the problems I have with the word alcoholic, is that when you hear the word ‘alcoholic’ it actually sounds like a fresh bottle of wine being poured into a glass. Listen: al-co-ho-lic. Glug glug glug. Mmm alcohol. Anyone fancy a drink?

  16. The left hand path

  17. isnt it. Its simple but so complex. Yet these are things that “DR” cant deal with.

  18. BRILLIANT!!!!

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