Kopps Preview Trailer

A quick teaser for a Swedish movie called Kopps

13. July 2011 by Admin
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  2. @friggzarn pinsamt

  3. Vem fan käkar våfflor med korv!?!?!

  4. @soofoo Wow I didn’t realize how similar these movies are. Well whatever, Hot Fuzz is awesome, and from the looks of this, so is this, so we just got 2 kick-ass movies. And little bit of trivia: The Matrix was just a ripoff of Dark City. Look it up and have your mind blown.

  5. Asså våffla med korv e ju asgott!!

  6. it’s from the same director of jalla jalla!!


  8. det låter som insatsstyrkan 0:07 nöffar ounk ounk

  9. jag undrar hur mycke dom skratta när dom gjorde filmen :p

  10. “vad blire?
    – våfflor med korv”


  11. Dom borde göra en film bara baserad på han =D

  12. Hahaha så skön !

  13. va blir de ?? ….våffla me korv !!

  14. värt att ladda ner? 😛 man kan väl kolla ngn mysig hemmakväll eller? :p

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  16. Love this Movie!

    Don’t ever fuckt with Benny the Cop!

  17. Den filmen är riktigt kul!

  18. jävla asägig film ^^

  19. dont fock woth bonny!

  20. Hahaha. Love the guys voice. xD

  21. hot fuzz sucks dick !!!

  22. half man, half superman that is the true Benny !!

  23. han e fett cool .D

  24. I have to admit. This movie is awsome.

  25. Kopps came out in 2003 and Hot Fuzz in 2007.

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