Laughter Anchor: Hypnotherapist Dan Jones Covertly Using the NLP Technique of Anchoring

Hypnotherapist Dan Jones ( demonstrating anchoring. Find a range of free mp3s on Laughter helps people feel good, it also enhances the healing process and puts people in a state of mind where they make more positive choices & decisions… Here I am setting up a ‘laughter anchor’ initially without the client knowing I am doing so (he thought initially we were just chatting about feelings and didn’t notice me touch his arm at certain times). Once I have the anchor set up and it is working I then tell him so that he can use it himself in the future… There is a lot of other hypnotic techniques going on here to quickly elicit the ‘laughter state’ that I wanted to anchor. This is a clip from a short programme I am putting together on covert manipulation. The programme includes this demonstration of anchoring, a demonstration using a GSR machine to show how anxiety can be induced covertly, a demonstration of how a pleasure and relaxation state can be induced covertly and discusses who uses these techniques, why, what some of them are and how to avoid being manipulated yourself…(Ps, most of the video is better lit than this. I had to lower the lighting for this segment to stop the glare on the computer screen that I was filming with another camera to get the GSR – Galvanic Skin Resistance (detects how stressed or relaxed someone is) response) Find me on facebook My latest book ‘Advanced Ericksonian
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