Learn NLP – NLP Language Patterns #1

Are there subtle influences of language on the mind? I explore why the way we communicate is filled with plenty of potential miscommunication and how that can affect relationships and what you can do about it.
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20. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. anyone looking to talk about nlp over facebook? send me a message… i have some natural talent and ideas and am also studying it looking for some people to talk with and maybe refine my research with more quality info

  2. this video increased my communication skills with my spouse to a point of complete understanding of each other,thank you.if there is a product on your website i am buying it.

  3. “You Are A Genius Thank You.

  4. This blog really helped me understand this. It’s one of the best blogs I’ve seen in this area. Just thought it’d help anyone else who’s interested.


  5. u make it more complicated

  6. nice vedio and very good voice to motivate anyone

  7. Great video : )!

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