Learn NLP video: Meta Model Part 1

The Meta Model is one of the pillars of NLP. Learning it could help you explore problems and lead to a resolution, and could also help create models of excellence in practically anything you want. Think of it as a “best practices” solution for human evolution.
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28. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. The meta model was originally created as a tool for learning different languages. Since all languages share underlying patterns it later became useful in therapy.

  2. @koldblooded1 mirroring is the concious version of it.

    If you manage to conciously control all subconcious routines, you will be the busiest man alive…. Breathing in and out alone would piss me off, but thinking about my blatter staying closed all the time would break me…

  3. @liquidminds mirroring? i forget the terms my mind associates it with projecting yourself onto others lol ya and the thing about it being communication is that your also understanding their communication with themselves… subconcious/concious… what i was wondering is if we are studying subconcious its becoming concious so whats left?

  4. @koldblooded1 “understanding communication”.. that’s probably the best explanation.

    what’s weired to me, is that i found out recently, that I use mirroring subconciously, without knowing…
    Especially in my job. Customers like me 😀

  5. @liquidminds the limits come from how much you study and i think the companies being crappy soemtiems are from their lack of understand in some cases but also the fact that you can learn nlp for everything its kind of like science there is the science of psychology science of fighting etc etc… so maybe they need so expand their methods better to fit their purpose but there are alot of really great things in nlp and alot of it is just understanding communication barriers

  6. good man, this is a good video. you might want to consdier using a pop filter with your microphone if you want to eliminate the windy popping sound you may notice with your voice recordings. you can use anything really to put over the microphone just to cut out some of the wind sound, or you can just move the mic out of range from your breath but in range for the sound of your voice. just a suggestion 😉

  7. thank you for explaining it.

    I’m still a little bit skeptic tough. Maybe that’s because there are hundreds of companies out there, that tell us, that NLP can get us anything from anyone, still needing to sell books and videos to make their money, not really beeing able to make us buy their stuff….

    I think it’s an interesting topic, but it’s overrated.
    even with a swiss armyknife, you can’t cut the moon in half. there are limits to every tool.

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  10. Thanks Brother.

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