LIVE Time Line and Unconscious Mind – Drs. Tad James & Adriana James

Brilliant, successful & LIVE NLP – – A must see for any therapist, NLP scholar or anyone wanting to see how your Unconscious Mind organizes time and stores memories in a linear way… and learn from the best in the field. Dr. Tad James is the 2nd person in the world to become a Master Trainer of NLP, and is the creator of Time Line Therapy(R) techniques – ENJOY!!! Join us at our next live seminar!!!
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02. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. It all sounds good in theory, but….. Well lets just say its EXTREMELY draining. It doesnt work. This exhausting focus is a misdirection and very cruel to be making big dollars on peoples emotions. I have lived this way for the past 14 months visualizing, going into my time line etc and in my actual life i have found myself homeless, jobless, and my marrige if 15 years has failed. THIS WAS NOT IN MY TIME LINE!!!! Yeah thx Tad & Adriana for a wonderful dream thats all it was, but i must say qu

  2. It all sounds good

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