Louise Van der Velde

Louise Van der Velde is a Master Trainer in many therapies, and over the last 15 years has become an expert in the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and modern psychology. She has advanced training in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and is a Reiki, Dru Yoga and Tantric sex teacher. As a relationship therapy expert Louise has worked successfully with hundreds of couples. She achieves very fast results in healing the deep issues that couples face. Now a regular face on our TV screens as the Relationship Transformer and, more recently, as The Love Doctor of GMTV, Louise uses her signature treatment “The Transformation”, coupled with her psychic abilities, to bring about complete changes of behaviour in people in record breaking times. Be it on the phone, via the internet or in person, Louise is the leader in her field. She runs a practice in Harley Street, London and works in Alfaz del Pi, Spain where she also lives. The very popular Transformation Treatment has become Louise’s signature, uniquely designed using her vast life experiences and amazing change therapies. It works so profoundly and rapidly, because it is not slowed or blocked by the traditional “what, why and hows” of old-school psychology. Quite simply the seven steps of The Transformation tm process work on clearing and changing emotions, thus creating resolution and release of problems at the depth and cellular level of their creation. Once we remove those negative e-motions (which are “energy – in
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