Low Self Esteem: The Cure For Low Confidence Levels

www.justbewell.com Do you suffer from low self esteem? If so then you are one of millions of people on this planet who feel low levels of confidence. A poor self image can be very debilitating and often prevents people from living their lives to the full. So what can be done about self esteem problems? Well, there are a number of tried and tested ways to improve levels of self confidence. The techniques we use in private consultations are, we believe, the best available. There is great power and grace in this combination of NLP and hypnosis and we like using these approaches for two reasons. Firstly they are generally very effective, and secondly they are very fast. When you think about what your life will be like when the problems of low self esteem are firmly in the past you can begin to think about all sorts of areas of your life you can improve, your relationship, new relationships, better job prospects and better health. Yes, people who feel better about themselves are, in general, healthier. People will use words like confidence and esteem in different ways; they will have different shades of meaning for each individual. We will work with you, therefore, to find out how you are thinking about yourself, and then we will use pragmatic techniques to not only show you HOW to think differently, but actually to get you to think differently, automatically. So do call us to see how we can help you, we are based in the UK, Ireland, the USA, Canada and Australia and all of
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12. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. @HeronOfHeaven We’re in the same boat, mate..

  2. i couldnt watch that without crying ugh im fuked up haha

  3. Does anyone have the same feeling like me, i always doubt myself’s Intelligence, ability. Sometime i think i am congenital retarded or handicap:(

  4. I don’t want my low self esteem to fade into history, history is remembered

  5. the only thing i’m good at is being bored, pessimistic and telling cynical jokes no one likes

  6. i have suffered from this problem ALL MY FUCKING LIFE.,…. i am 25 and im sick now… worse than EVER …. i have tried everything ….EVERYTHING ….. i fully realize the symptoms of the problem …. i cant seem to get rid of it no matter what i do …. the most beautiful day of my life was 20 days ago when i ACTUALLY felt better for a couple of hours ….. i recently realized that this the main prob;em not anxiety or depression ….anyways will keep trying .

  7. This is not for everyone. Not for me with compounded complexity disorders and deficiencies. This can’t replace what you have already experienced from the cause and effect with having low self-esteem. Low self esteem is an identity dis-regulation from self comparing self to other people. I’ve tried this before, never worked for my triggers.

  8. I would love to do things I kinda want to, but then again, I’m not stupid. Besides, I don’t have anything that I’m good at.

  9. @ALPHAOfficialUtube My guess is, that she is resisting the fact that other people may not like her. She wants to be loved by everybody, wich is very delusional. A way to cure this is to ask yourself: How much on a scale from 1 to 10 does this affect my life and my goals if this person doesn’t like me? Eventually she will notice that it almost doesn’t matter what anybody thinks of her.

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  11. 007 is in the back ground

  12. @jambrandon531 same ):

  13. i really need help cuz my self esteem iz so low i just wanna go to sleep and never wake up!! i say im fat and ugley but everyone says im not but i think they r lying…i never have any fun anymore cuz everything just sux! if u have any advice plz give it to me idk wat to do anymore and i hate life…help me

  14. how do you cheer up a girl that thinks shes fat when she clearly isn’t?

  15. I have low self esteem, but that doesn’t matter because I also have a huge ego.

  16. Glad i could help, sport.

  17. @erialton i finally see how pathetic it is to let someone lower your self esteem its pathetic which is why i am over coming low self esteem

  18. @jambrandon531 Maybe because you are a piece of shit. lol

  19. I always have low self-esteem because of my bad life I had. Including being discriminated by the school system for being learning disabled on ADHD. I am always insecure being around with other people because of my fear of social rejection. I am depressed because I feel left out of my life that I missed.

  20. I would give you a call but I don’t live in the cities where you have offices.

  21. i feel like a shit bag everyday

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