Miami Hypnosis, NLP and EFT – Curing Insomnia – Client Testimonial #12 – (954) 693-5698 Insomnia – Not being able to get to sleep night after night after night… Is there a valid insomnia treatment out there? … Can it be cured? And, most importantly, can it be cured FOR YOU? I am sure you have tried every kind of therapy, treatment, medication and sleeping aid out there – Some people even go as far as to try out things such as sleep deprivation, or cognitive behavioral therapy… and these can sometimes work! However, when it comes to the real science of sleep and falling and staying asleep, who better to trust than a hypnotist – Isn’t that what we do? Even if you’ve tried the sleep aids like sleeping pills, melatonin, 5-HTP or gone to clinics or tried behavioral exercises such as releasing anxiety or cognitive behavioral shifts such as progressive relaxation, sometimes all that is missing between you and a WONDERFUL night’s sleep is just training your mind how to let go of the staying awake, anxiety pattern it has developed (and become very good at doing) over time. In this video, you will see a testimonial from Percy – A very intelligent man who tried so many different medications and therapies just to get a good night’s sleep. Within one session, his insomnia was cured. In this video, 6 months after his first session, Percy found himself starting to feel a bit anxious around falling asleep and so he came back to see me. Again, one session later and now both Percy and I can safely say that his insomnia is gone for
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15. July 2011 by Admin
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