Trailer to the planned film on Milton H.Erickson, directed by Alex Vesely. Milton H. Erickson revolutionized the world of psychotherapy with his novel and effective approach. Eventually his approach was tabbed, Ericksonian Hypnosis and Psychotherapy. His ideas inspired many professionals, and became the basis of many new schools of brief therapy, including strategic therapy, interactional therapy, Rossis mind/body approach, solution-focused therapy, NLP, outcome-oriented therapy, and the self-relations approach. This documentary explores the life and work of Milton Erickson to provide a picture of the man was thought of as the “Mozart of communication.”Dr. Erickson died in 1980, but his work continues to spread around the world. This film takes a look at how todays leading professionals in the field are building on Ericksons ideas; how Erickson has influenced their way of working; and how they envision the future of psychotherapy.

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  1. I’m terrify what stupid american therapist and trainers makes with works of Milton Erickson. I’m talking about NLP bullshit, which for me is another mode in “pop-psychology” which past like Janov’s primal scream therapy. For me unique way od Erickson work lay not in “hypnosis” but in a great sense of observation.

  2. I wish for you that grand dispersion that this work merits…the world needs to know about this..I am looking forward to its release!

  3. Can’t wait to see this movie!

  4. Can’t wait!

  5. You’re Dr. Frankl’s grandson, right? Wow, keep up with your work, man. I’m sure this kind of production is fundamental for our days. Congrats!

  6. Will this film include Bandler and Grinder?

  7. Will this film include Bandler and Grinder?

  8. 0:08 Did it work, Jeffrey?

  9. Fantastic. An incredible man, and an incredible story that needs to be told. Hope you get the funding…hypnosis would then get the serious attention it deserves!


  11. Cant wait to see this, he was an absolute genius, I just loved the way when people asked what did you do, he would say err am not sure and this was largely because he had taken himself into trance along with his subject…simply awesome

  12. We are still working on the funding, but approximate date of release is spring 2012.

  13. clipwerkcreative fine way to build suspenz in people getting this trailer out btw its awesome and no release date cmon spill it

  14. Yeah, Mr. Vesely.
    Let us know when its ready to purchase.


  15. Does anyone know a release date…. please????

  16. Looks as if this will be a film we have been waiting for a long time.

  17. A brilliant therapist

  18. Milton was a great American healer.

  19. Turn the most difficult problem into an opportunity …
    Bye, bye,
    The English Sisters

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