Mind Control Techniques: How To Talk Anyone Into Anything

ezinearticles.com If you’re wondering how to talk anyone into anything, then you certainly can’t miss the chance to learn one of the secret hypnosis mind control techniques that I’m going to give you now. Before I continue further, I’d like to assure you that the information that I’ll be revealing to you right now is very easy to understand and please don’t make things complicated. Have you heard of the “liking” principal? If not, let me explain. This principal is one of the obvious hypnosis mind control techniques that people or we use to learn how to hypnotize someone instantly. That person won’t realize that he or she is indeed using it in life to get something from someone. This principal can be defined as “the more we like a person, the more we want to say YES to that person”. If anyone from your family or your friends came and approached you for help, how many times have you said “NO” to them? I’m sure that most of the time we have somehow said “YES” and helped them. If you’re wondering how to use this principal to learn how to hypnotize someone instantly, let me explain. We already know that we’re likely to do favours for people that we like. The same goes to the other party. If they like you, chances are high for them to return or do a favour for you. Of course you can easily use it to someone that you already know for a long time. However you can also make someone that you’ve just me for 5 minutes or total strangers to like you instantly and do you any favour
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12. July 2011 by Admin
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  1. @misipi6guns45 yea but this is for uncaring people to try so they can use us and take adventage of us

    bah :@

  2. gay

  3. Can’t get that minute & a half of my life back!!!

  4. i hate those people how try to mirror…..n i it copycat……then wt abt that u idiot

  5. This just comes natural if your a caring person .

  6. check out my channel

  7. i use this to get laid 🙂

  8. this shit happened 2 me with a girl i was quite literally CRAZY about

  9. you suck. big time.

  10. haha this is stupid

    peaple do it, without even know that
    it;s not a technique, it is how peaple with no self personality act

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