Mind Hacking 101 – Orientation, Weeks 1-4

I made this short video for Mind Hackers’ Guild members who are going through my Mind Hacking 101 course, to explain what the first few weeks will be covering, and how it ties in with the chapters from my book, Thinking Things Done. It also explains the concept of “shifting mental gears” between negative, neutral, and positive attitudes.
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27. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. very helpful thenks

  2. This guy knows what he’s talking about. Very intellectual stuff and no bulls**t.
    Will be great when his book comes out.

  3. afternoon , pj , have watched a few video’s now and unfortunately cant down load a free adobe reader therefore cant access the ebooks as yet , but the information you provide has giving me a grounding or foundation , thanks , mikey

  4. I Love you pj…I’m going to spread your channel over youtube so upload more vids and be ready for more subscribers

  5. I must say I really like your work.

    You need to do something about the volume on the video however, perhaps get a better mic?

  6. Hi PJ Thanks for the video.
    Your getting a florescent light hum on the audio here.
    A LED video light and cheapie lavalier mike should rectify that.
    Thanks again.

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