Mind Reading by Elena Beloff ( NLP technique)

Very simple NLP technique! You can learn it easily too! See it at work!
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15. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. She clearly had no idea.. “did you give me a clue?” He rules out it being a song. And he said it was the most recent of the 3, so it couldn’t be his childhood memory.. IT MUST BE THE PAINFUL MENINGITIS MEMORY!

    Wow that was awkward

  2. this has nothing to do with NLP

  3. Something tells me you got his information in that text message. Smooth move.

  4. id bone her

  5. Nice E.A.C. don’t want to give it away a fellow Magician / Mentalist / Hypnotist. Awesome stuff Elena.

  6. Thank you!!!

  7. Excellent ! ( and very nice shoes 😉 )

  8. and i miss you too!!
    hope to be in NY again soon:)

  9. Elena – you are a great hypnotist and your videos are fantastic

  10. yes mesmero!!! how are you? We miss you here!

  11. Great Elena!!!
    you are so beautifull…and your experiment was so FUN!!!
    cheers from Italy
    hope to see you again soon

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