Mindfulness and CBT

CBT and mindfulness techniques alexdefoe.com
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19. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. @robbyblaze Hi robbyblaze, thank you for your feedback. Not all psychiatrists practice in CBT, in fact I’m not sure if the majority do. This also leaves options like seeing a Psychologist, or better yet a good counsellor. Counsellors generally don’t label or diagnose clients which is what sets them apart from Psychologists/Psychiatrists and can make the process less intimidating and often a more helpful experience.

  2. Hey, I actually came across this while I was having one of my very common panic attacks, and I’ve looked a lot into things like CBT and meditation, but I have had a problem being able to see a psychiatrist. And just hearing you explain all of this really helped me get a grasp on the situation. I’m really surprised you don’t have more views. Thanks

  3. aaawsom!!!

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