Mirroring for hypnotherapy (an NLP technique)

www.HypnosisToControl.com Mirroring is a very powerful NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) technique to make your hypnosis, therapy, or hypnotherapy session more effective when you establish rapport. Steve G. Jones makes it easy to learn hypnosis.

15. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. a friend of mine thought darren brown had tourettes when they saw him do it.
    and strange i find it that i make all kinds of those gestures you mentioned and find myself surrounded by people,

  2. Hi Steve very informative. I am a spiritual coach and am going to learn NLP why because my sociopathic ex used to use it on me !. this video helped me so much ! I should point out that it can be used in a very wrong way thankyou.

  3. I think he’s just saying that you should do things similar/same as them to make them more comfortable/relate to you better. And personally i would feel like the person was making fun of me if they synchronized with me! so i’m guessing you should probably do it later or soon after.

  4. you look like robert downy junior

  5. thanx!

  6. great video ,very well explain.

  7. This video is absolutely loaded with NLP.
    Notice how he moves his head. Does it seem a little strange to you? With lots of emphasis movements, and very specific nods in certain directions for certain kinds of words. All NLP experts do it if you watch, they’ll bob their head around, gesticulate wildly, sometimes wave a finger or shift their weight from side to side, and over-move their mouth when they talk.

  8. Steve G. Jones is a brilliant Clinical Hypnotherapist.
    I always say that he is the therapist’s therapist.
    Rock on, brother!!!

  9. Nice bed head! Hehe!

  10. I think perhaps that mirroring is what we do when we want control over another person, without the other person feeling any traditional conflicts (like “giving themselves over.”) When we act like the other, but not mirror, we are in accord with them. Try it! test mirroring, then test doing. You’ll find there is a much more unconscious you revealed when you just DO what the other does. You might even kiss.

  11. Do you have to synchronize the actions you want to mirror, with your dialog partner, or can you repeat them later?

  12. Hey there, very simple, probably the simplest iv heard. And cos of lack of jargon and xtra explanation, it hits the point and keeps it there. I think this was very practical and affective in illustrating the point. Great Job. How do I anchor past success to things I want to achieve now?? How do I detach from the feeling of uncertainty and fear of the PAST. Great Job. Keep the love flowing……thank you

  13. After reading a lot about NLP, i wasn´t sure how to mirror. Thanks, Great Job!

  14. he blinks several times to make you blink, as well as many of the things he does in the first 20 seconds, like touching his shoulder

  15. Yes, I noticed too.

  16. Hey Youre Greatt 🙂
    Good Work
    You Help Me Understand This More
    Gemma 14 x

  17. like what?

  18. Mirroring, hmmm HypnoSteve I like that idea. I could do a video “monkey see, monkey do” LOL

  19. When you mirror do you perform the action synchronized with the person or do you simply observe collect and insert the similar actions later in the conversation

  20. What happens, when you get two people together, and one subtley notices he person’s mirroring them, so that person starts seeing if they can get that person to copy them? Does the mirroring person just eventually stop if they can tell something weird’s going on?

  21. he’s really good at delivering embedded commands

  22. like what?

  23. like what ?

  24. Very helpful Steve. Thank you very much. Could you post a list of books worth to read appart from your own? Thaks again.

  25. so many subliminal messages hidden within this clip
    very clever

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