Mithotyn – King of the Distant Forest

Mithotyn is a unique band from the past. They performed viking/black metal with folk influences. They released plenty of demos, and three studio albums. “King of the Distant Forest” is from the album with the same name. It has been released in 1998. Lyrics: The mountains and forests Is his fortress The primeval starfilled nightsky his roof. He is the king of the forgotten realm Ruling with a power unknown. The mightiest of elvenkings Who dwells in the lands far away. Far away where the rainbow ends And ancient gods still are hailed. A face torn by time. His cloak old and grey. Leading his people with the greatest wisdom. Learned from the old days Until today. He is the king of the distant forest. He Is the king of the distant forest. The tales we are told Is their only known reality. They have lived in solitude and will do so For all of eternity.
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  1. @ShyGuyOfHyrule ive heard all ensiferum and though only this particular album by mithotyn and lots and lots of folk metal. spent years of my life searchin out folk metal bands. id have to disagree.

  2. Hails From Egypt …. I like this band so much

  3. @BlackPain777 Ok let me rephrase that. I can see where ensiferum got some inspiration from bands like this. and for that mater, bathory. Its deffinitely different

  4. @ShyGuyOfHyrule not

  5. 4 people’s fathers’ should have pulled out.


  7. oh my god its just like ensiferum:)

  8. @HiggsyAndGinge now you have King of Asgard, not the same, but at least there is a little touch 🙂

  9. i like them better with clean vocals… but thats just mine opinion…

  10. ensiferum, fintroll, wintersun, einherger, all this bands comes from this.
    i use to listen this song a lot. ♫

  11. Why? =[[[ why split and go to power metal D=

  12. the melody like “Mindtraveller” from Falconer .

  13. just like there are christian black metal bands buit there not called christrian bands it is caled black metal still

    (BTW) bathory is balck metal as well

  14. this is viking culture and lyrics but it is symphonic black mettal

  15. look termainetor

  16. that’s true, but Einherjer rules too 🙂
    odin owns ye all!

  17. your funny^^

  18. OH NOEZ, I DONT WANT NO TRUBLE DONT BEET ME UP! You’re on the internet bro.

  19. As do I.

    Do not want.

  21. i second that decision!

  22. MIthotyn is (imo) the best viking metal band, with Bathory as close second, but they both kick ass m/

  23. good song

  24. Mithotyn vs. Falconer……and the winner is Falconer!!! The Music is perhaps the same, but Falconer has clearly the better Vocalist!!

  25. Holy shit….

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