Mnidcraft (Mindcraft) – Polyglot Stuart Jay Raj Full Video Nov 2008

We are wired to learn languages!”.. I guess I just believed it! See more – email – This is an exciting week for me! … and NO I didn’t make a spelling mistake… and NO your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you …well… maybe they are. The word ‘Mindcraft’ has been used and registered by many other companies before, but I felt it best sums up what I’m doing. Writing it like ‘Mnidcraft’ both gets people’s attention and in its essence, sums up what this new programme is all about – Who you are, what you see etc. is only what your mind makes of it!… interested? Then read on!… Over the past few months, I’ve been doing quite a lot of introspection. I often refer to the emails that I receive in my blog-posts. People are wanting to know ‘what’s the best way to learn a language?’, ‘how should I start learning a language?’, ‘how do I get motivated to learn???’. But it’s the comments like ‘Well, it’s easy and natural for you to learn languages, but how should your average Joe Blow go about it?’ that really got me thinking. I have worked as a trainer / facilitator for the past ten years or so. When I train, I incorporate many principles of NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) into what I do. Many of the techniques that my grandfather had used with me in retrospect really resemble many of the popular techniques employed by NLP practitioners today. Now having fluency in over 15 languages and a solid grounding in over 30, polyglot Stuart Jay Raj
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  1. @hmurray0423 The principles that I cover in the programme will let you get your mind in order so that you can attack any language. It’s all about setting a system in place for your mind and then working out a way of life that keeps your brain active. Then you just need to create an environment around you that teaches you the language.

  2. Can i learn Russian?

  3. Can I learn Russian and or Ukranian like this?

  4. Minecraft?

  5. Hey Stu just to let you know, I can teach you Arabic, and if you want, I can teach you Arabic in Thai! 🙂

    Also great video! 🙂

  6. @EzMurder He’s learning Arabic right now actually. 🙂

  7. what bout abric

  8. if u use Facebook, add me in – i have a couple of groups there too for these programmes, so you can keep up to date with what’s going on when. Just do a search on my name – stuart jay raj

  9. I guess you mean in Thailand? But I’ll still be in Japan in January. =( Could you do one sometime from March to June, pleeease?? *pouts*

    And that does sound like the best job ever. I hope someday I can find a job where I get to travel and use lots of different languages, too. =)

  10. Oh cool 🙂
    I might try to schedule one in January.

    Yup – my show เหนือชั้น 1000แปลก –
    I just arrived back from Malaysia about 2 hrs ago from the latest shoot and off to Phuket, Turkey and China over the next couple of weeks to do more stories. I’ve gotta say, it’s a dream job for someone who loves languages, traveling and cultures!

  11. I’m in Japan now and will be here until the end of January, but after that I’ll be going to the US for a month, and then to Thailand for a few months. (I should be there until mid-June.) After that I’ll probably be going to France for a year. So I’m all over the place. =P

    By your TV show, do you mean the one called เหนือชั้น 1000แปลก? I’ve watched some of the clips of it you’ve posted here. I wish I had such a fun job!

  12. Sadly, no GREEK!:(

  13. My schedule over the past 6 or so months has been a little crazy shooting my TV show. I’d love to run more of these workshops – will see what I can do in the new year. What country are you in?

  14. Are these workshops all finished now, or are you still doing them? I’d be really interested in attending.

  15. hey man, do you also speak greek?

  16. Just found this info. I speak English and Turkish, but want to learn spanish, japanese, german, italian and others. When will you have products available.

  17. Ay marunong ka rin pa lang mag Tagalog!
    I speak English and currently learning Spanish. I speak four Filipino languages as well but one of which is becoming difficult for me due to not being used anymore despite I have used it for six years.
    I think I could learn a lot from you.

  18. You really need to write a book! As a musician and also a lover of languages, I’m very much interested in many of the things you talk about: perfect pitch, pegging, circular breathing, mimicing mannerisms, languages with tones, etc. If I ever see a book titled Mnidcraft, I’ll be the first to buy it!!

  19. Ya benar.. tapi pengucapannya lebih susah kan. Tapi saya yakin kamu bisa deh.

  20. sayang ya… gak bisa… tp bisa ngerti iye kan mirip bhs2 latin yg lain.

  21. Stu, bisa bahasa perancis gak?

  22. I would love to take it to Japan. I have a bunch of great friends over there too – fingers crossed.

    As for my Japanese, I can read and understand a lot more than I speak. It would be good motivation for getting it into shape!

  23. Are you coming to Japan?
    Do you speak Japanese?

  24. I’d love to see you in Warsaw, Stuart!

  25. I admire you a lot 🙂

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