Modern Jedi NLP Song: Learn Neuro Linguistic Programming fre inspirational NLP song free neuro linguistic programming course stop anxiety, smoking, lose weight, improve your relationships, career, health sports performance with NLP

22. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. I love your voice. It’s like Gordon Lightfoot without the depressing lyrics.

  2. really good song.. plus the lyrics!

  3. brilliant, I love it! I will be embedding this into my website shortly

  4. Awesome song! Awesome Video! I guess I must be a youngling or a padawan… lol

    Thanks for the Vid!

  5. I like this song

  6. hey great song man!

  7. Thanks for listening!

  8. great song and fantastic work

  9. NLP FTW!!!!

  10. Great!

  11. I love NLP

  12. NLP FTW !!!!!!!!!!

  13. These are not the droids you’re looking for..

    Awesome song! Uncle Shelly couldn’t have sung it better!

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