Monday Motivation – NLP Techniques by Mark J Holland

Mark Holland uses an approach to psychotherapy and a model of change based on the subjective study of language, communication and change. Mark as a personal life coach & NLP business coach has a lot of success helping people. Here are 3 reasons why Mark Holland is very effective in helping people change, grow and succeed 1. Marks NLP coaching methods are solution oriented. One of the fundamentals of NLP coaching says that we need to look for what the client wants first. As your personal success coach Mark Holland will ask the following questions very early in the discussion “What is your objective? What do you want?” Instead of researching the past to find the possible cause of such and such problem, Mark determines an objective and find or create the resources that a client needs to step away from the problem and go towards the solution. The clients create their own objectives and Mark Holland will guide them through the steps toward the solution. Simply put, Mark Holland will help the client find his or her own solution with the resources he or she already has in him or herself. 2. Mark Holland uses brief therapy. No need to lie down on a couch for 20 years. Marks says Why not stand on the shoulders of giants like Freud, Perls, Erickson, Tony Robbins, Christopher Howard, Tad James, etc… find the best practices, the best strategies and help clients create their own success and help them realize that they already have all the resources they need
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16. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. Some times if you really want to be joyful again you, you have to think positively about new projects and get the hell out of the shity situation you’re in.

    Maybe I’m wrong I don’t know all the NLP tricks…

  2. I’m not sure it’s always that easy.. I had a job once I had to get up at 4:30 in the morning, I always felt tired, and it made me depressed. I tried everything I could to solve the problem, sleep more take supplements etc..

    The only thing that helped was to sleep like 10h/day, so I had to go to bed at like 7 PM but it wasn’t really practical…

    Also sometimes you really hate your job, you don’t like what you do, you have problems with people you work with etc.

  3. HEY… SEXY,, cALL ME,, i NEED YOU.

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