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This money mind movie uses techniques associated with the Secret, The Law of Attraction, NLP, and visualization to allow you to accept your prosperity.
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20. July 2011 by Admin
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  1. The song is awesome. This is my favorite, the music makes it easy to watch.

  2. Love it!!!!!!!


  4. The Maker of the Universe Dr.B.R.Ambedkar popularly known as in the Entire World “Babasaheb”
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  5. @cbchang6200 money is coming to me easily and effortlessly money is coming to me your not reading the words right

  6. I watched and listened to this for a week and visualized money comming to me…In one week I recieved $500.00 from 3 different unexpected sources! I will continue to watch this video, thanks!

  7. With use of attraction and affirmation i’ve found this amazing program that helped me change my finances and my life. For more info see my chnnl

  8. @trainwreck1285 actually you’re the one agreeing with me stupid shit

  9. @ostone25 So you are agreeing with me. Next time say what you mean, instead of telling people to pull their head out of their ass.

  10. @trainwreck1285 and trainwreck good luck with becoming a doctor, but dont be so ignorant by thinking you know how i think and tell others to “reassess” their live. i am by no means struggling to find money, happiness, or anything i desire in this world that we live in. Peace homie

  11. @trainwreck1285 look fuckface, you dont know me or how i perceive anything. and i dont need to “reasses” my life. all i was saying was hard work and a clear mind devoted to the STEPS to obtaining your goals is how you become successful in whatever you wish for, not by daydreaming or “visuualizing” of what you want to be. Dreaming of the end result gets you no where if you dont complete the necessary steps in between

  12. @ostone25 This is not about money magically appearing. It is about not being a pessimist. The law of attraction talks about visualizing a general well being. This video is to help visualize that money is coming in your future and thus becomes a motivator for you to work hard. I visualize myself becoming a doctor and how good that is going to make me feel. I am then motivated to continue my 3.9 GPA in college. So maybe you should throw away what you perceive as true and reassess your life.

  13. Do I understand correctly? Any person who is going to sing it, the more times, going to realize this song in his life?

  14. muy buena cancion

  15. I really love the rhythm, beat and melody of the music, BUT the affirmation words of the song are slightly wrong. “Money is coming…” is future tense, you want the affirmation words to be present tense, “Money is here”, I have all the money I need right NOW.

  16. need a way to make money? the secret worked for me
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  18. this is so stupid first of all money isnt everything living and enjoying life is all that matters, and secondly money wont come to you by thinking “happy” thoughts or singing this dumbass song you got to work hard for your way of life. put your brain to use people break away from the matrix and get a life

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  20. Money is Coming to Me easily & effortlessly! GODS WILL =)

  21. Money is Coming to Me essily & effortlessly! GODS WILL =)

  22. yep yep Money is Coming to Me easily & effortlessly =)

  23. LOVE this song, sing along with it. And put it in my favorite’s! Thanks so much for posting, making this !!!

  24. I wanna download this song!!

  25. Excellent! Great images and superb music!

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