Many NLP techniques are being discussed today in various blogs and forums. It only means that the industry for NLP is booming with a lot of patrons. I guess the reason why you are reading this article right now is to learn the basic yet effective techniques that lead to productivity and self-improvement. The techniques that I am going to share are purely personal thoughts and learned through encounters with the program. I am not a professional coach, let me make it clear. I am a person who had surpassed the phase of misery and trouble. Those incidents that I just want to bury and never want to experience again. The techniques that I am citing here are those that I use to maintain my positive outlook on everyday matters.

Now let us begin the overview of the basic NLP Techniques. First on my list is Personal Affirmation. No one can love yourself better than you can. I always believe in the cliché that “before you can love other people, you must learn how to love yourself first.” The way that other people see and treat you is just a reflection of how you see and treat yourself.  Second is to be always motivated and persistent. There comes a gloomy day in our lives. When it arrives, I will wear my favorite shirt and eat my favorite food then sing my favorite song. What I mean is, find meaning in your day. Negative things are emphasized once you focus on it. Think that those things will be gone in a moment. Next is learning new things. There is nothing more satisfying than discovering your strengths. We are living in a world that places an innumerable opportunity to gain knowledge and try new stuffs. As the word of mouth goes “Every day is a new learning experience”.  There is no failed experience, the moment it will be a failure is when you regret it. Lastly, seek friends and communicate. There are countless people roaming around the earth. If you cannot find a company, it only means that you are the one who is closing his/her doors. Communication brings out the best in people. Some bright thoughts come out when you collaborate. Love begins with communication. Words are compelling and it can do a lot to every people. Miserable people are those who think that they are alone when they are not.


The freedom of mind happens when a person is eager to make it happen. NLP Techniques are just ways to effectuate it.  A person who believes in something is a person who can make anything possible.  Put the responsibility to change your life in your hands. I want to inspire you with what I have become. There is really hope. I am now happy and contented with my life. Those lonely days are gone and I want you to have it. Seek. When you think that you need help, don’t wait longer. Do yourself a deed now because a bright life must start today.  Listen. Coaches are very good listener and adviser. Do not hesitate to ask.


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