Natural Metaphors

Michael Carroll talks to a group of NLP Practitioners and NLP Trainers about his natural metaphor.
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31. July 2011 by Admin
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  1. Did you ever see the legends- Grinder or Bandler stage anchoring? It’s something new trainers are taught to do. Once mastered expereienced trainers use tone and gesture to anchor so the anchoring is out of conscious awareness. Did you learn the difference in nesting/ isomporhism/naturalisic/ and living metaphor at your Trainers Training?

  2. Not impressed at all. His stage presence isn’t deliberate nor intentional and there is too much twoddle in his story. Not anchoring the areas of the stage, no nested loops, yeas there are some embedded commands but otherwise garbage! Glad I didn’t do my trainer training with him. Sure there is someting everybody wants to get out of his training.

  3. Michael is great at capturing everyday life experiences in his stories.

  4. nice one- embed comand:”go waaaay down” 😉

  5. very trancey… had to watch it a few times!

  6. Nice!

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