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Neil Strauss Interview Special Report

28. July 2011 by Admin
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  1. where can I buy that anime shirt?

  2. @Jubijish I have a poster in my room that I made myself that has him on it and then a lightly written PROOF over him. He is a genius and a god for writing this book.

  3. @rooley youtube killed it

  4. I love your vid! Good work. Check mine too on my channel bit [.] ly/9X23us.

  5. Where’s part one?

  6. dont worry your hair will grow back… except yours


  7. You need to fight to be a PUA. Fight with someone , punch them in the face, they punch you, etc. It forces your mind to break through your own feelings of limitation afterwards I would have approached Angelina Jolie for her number, humiliation and confidence co-exist with fear of conflict and confrontation with most people. Neil Strauss and even Mystery could not stand a chance against this approach one because they are physically weak two because they still avoid conflict with the AMOG.

  8. I have to admit my game has aproved A LOT since i read his book. And my self a steem( i knw i wrote it wrong) has boost up im a better man thanks neil lol

  9. and teach him how society “manipulates” him into being a “good boy” or “nice guy” and end up never being with a woman.

  10. 1:20 – 1:30 is awesome advice

  11. @Jubijish yeah, I would’ve suggested never looking before you finished reading. Best of luck.

  12. the audience member is good for lulz

  13. wait until your kid’s 16. let him try and figure it out himself. if he’s struggling then teach him. but teach him the difference between love and manipulation

  14. To answer your question, I’m not sure that I would know what to teach, you can learn all you want about a subject but unless you put it to pratical use you aren’t going to really know how to use that knowledge, but I could pass the knowledge that I gain along to help my AFC friends, and my son if he doesn’t grow up to be a natural PUA

  15. I think when I was writting this I didn’t get my full thought out, I was talking about teaching my own son how to talk to girls at the end, also I was thinking of my lonely AFC friends.

  16. I knew what he looked like, but the way he talks I found crazy. It just goes to show 😉

  17. so how would you know what to teach?

  18. this is the guy who is changing my life?

  19. hey man can you teach me?

  20. Growing up I was a AFC no doubt, I lucked out and found a girl that seemed to bring out the natural PUA in me and we ended up getting married. But is it strange that I want to learn about this stuff, and teach others? I grew up without a father and I think it would be nice to know these things so I can teach him how not to be a lonely AFC when he gets older. Anyway let me know what you think.

  21. That’s Lisa, but I don’t know if it’s Lisa from the book

  22. no its like the microphones all through the videos the mics are weird

  23. that’s a cool diary:

    thepickupdiary com

  24. I wish one of them would be honest and say “well when I saw (the balding guy in the jacket) I was thinking.. are u kidding me? This guy isn’t going to be able to game shit”

  25. 7:49 is that someone laughing with his voice?? turn speakers up. good doc. 5/5

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