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Neil Strauss’s biography and photos
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15. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. fruit’s basket shirt 🙂

  2. girly anime shirt FTW thats wat real men wear no sarcasm intended

  3. Is that high class Lisa toking on a cigarette ?

  4. These dudes are all doomed to be with lefty for the rest of their lives.

  5. @dalesalsa yeah, its true that everything counts and funny how he forgets to emphasise that aspect of his success!

  6. whats with this video not continuing from the last video?

  7. lol I bet Style knows all about spells, you guys hear him say his friend was a white witch? And he did that book on Marilyn Manson. And his cuz wuz in the church of satan.

  8. the guy on the front left could pull off the best christopher walken impression if he wanted

  9. that guy needs to lose weight.

  10. The guy on the far left is sleepwalking i think.

  11. I think Neil did so well with PUA because he was a writer and interviewer and got to interview some of the COOLEST People in the world at that time and therefore he always had it in the back of his mind .. that he WAS COOL. And it just needed to come out or be given the permission, and route to come out of him. So when he has to be cool infront a bunch of chicks.. — he’s like — I’ve intevieved Madonna and Tommy Lee Bitch .. respect! hehe 😛 Everyone needs some coolness like that 😉

  12. 7:03 – 7:25 Top Left ====>> Sexy as fuck…. … Lisa is hot. drool alittle bit.. :p

    It’s like REAL WOMEN are Art… and you can just look at them all day. If they would have had her in Art class… I would have passed with an A

    At least in this case we can look but not touch since she is Niel’s girl..
    Thanks for helping all of us other bastards out Style!

  13. why is called a SET..? I mean why not call it just a group..?

    Is it to maintain code….?

  14. @TheFlexEffect and lift weights.. he needs to get stronger..

  15. the fat guy just needs to lose some damn weight

  16. @sangReality , Yea, she`s like, “I`m in a house full of guys and noone`s fucking me.”

  17. Isn’t he the guy who played Mong The Magnificent in the old Flash Gordon films?

  18. that spell story is laughable seriously

  19. @theProdigy02 yea and soon you will get out and see a set and make up a routine off the top of ur head but eventually that one will be come canned too if it works

  20. @theProdigy02 it’s cool. I actually signed up with a local pua because although I’ve read a lot of the literature, I felt I needed a push from a group of peers. I personally hate the canned lines but I understand it’s necessary to stack routines until you develop a more personal natural style.

  21. @trevormac77 well that might me your opinion but the fact is that he admits his book didnt expose the community in the way he thought it would it exposed the community to other men with the same problem. hence the reason they can make so much money off these workshops.
    these canned lines still work becouse most of the people who read the book were men

  22. i love his kawaii shirt

  23. @donlongluca check out “man transformation neil strauss david deangelo”. Watch it all! but I think that the las vegas thing is explained in the last few parts of it. good stuff man check it out for sure

  24. I love your vid! Good work. Check mine too on?? my channel.

  25. what happened to the las vegas theory started in pt. 3? Did part four skip a few things? I noticed this also from the transition of pt. 2 – pt. 3 as well. fuuucck i want to know the whole las vegas theory!

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