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25. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. @x100percentx LOL !!!! funny

  2. @G00n3r4Life Just like actors who recite lines in cop shows get to “practise” for police work. Routines are bullshit.. Reading from a script does not give practise. It just makes the average guy look like a complete bell-end. It’s like public speaking. The people who do it best speak as it they are talking to you- not reading prepared notes out loud. The better methods teach principles- not over-planned routines.

  3. @cziffra1980 its called practice. the more material you practice the more natural it will be on the field.

  4. dude the first guy…. smh

  5. @banheden an exercise in looking like a contrived prick, who reads his life very badly off a script? Do you think women are impressed by a routine that sounds as natural as a kid in a school play.? If you can’t make it sound flowing and natural, there’s no point bothering with this shit. It’s just going to mean failure after failure. There are far better exercises than Neil Strauss’.

  6. Why does it have to be such a pain in the ass to get a woman to like you?

  7. @cziffra1980 its good for a exercise, u can do it better? why you on here then?

  8. @madmattyc8 well it can’t get any worse XD

  9. Stuff this transparently rehearsed is going to be useless. These guys make the worst soap operas look convincing. Not a good approach at all.

  10. youtube : my mainsource of information

  11. style makes it look so damn easy! but in the field, it all depends on the moment!

  12. @madmattyc8 thats sooo true, i almost feel the hard time they are going through!

  13. @mastereismaname youtube: cajun keys to the vip!

  14. The second guy actually did good ;).. I learned from this video 😀 Style is a god!

  15. @DaneJiujitsu That’s ironic.

  16. @borgia4 yeah just dont marry any american chicks if you ever planned on getting married. its insane. they are money hoggers.

  17. @EddieLandsberg
    Hey it beats “So where are you from?” any day of the week. I’m more of the “dbag into gentleman” type of person when I approach. I’ll walk up to a group of girls at a club and tell them: “Just wanted to tell ya, your makeup isn’t balanced. Just sayin. Still digging it, however.” If you are the right type of guy it does quite well.

  18. if you come to Geelong in Victoria all the women are arrogant as fuck, they think there better than everyone else its a challenge, America is so much better to pick up and there less bitchy and stuck up.

  19. @DaneJiujitsu LMAO!!! Australians always trying to one up everyone.

  20. How’s this one?

    “Hey guys, I’m going to the coat room to shoot up…
    anyone want to come?”

  21. These guys are pathetic

  22. @DaneJiujitsu it’s nothing but perception. all we have to do is get them to know us and they’ll look past the preconceptions. attracted between people is universal.

  23. Fuck you Americans are retards, never have to try that hard in Australia and the woman are 10 times hotter!! Then when we come
    To the states we fuck your woman because they drip off our accents. Not vice versa because woman all over the world think American men are egotistical douche bags. Its true!

  24. Lesson learned: Girls love it when guys walk up to them at clubs, interrupt their conversations and tell really long stories that have nothing to do with anything.

  25. @rdawg234 agreed, i was bored listening, girls would turn away after 45 seconds.

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