Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Demystified: Creating Breakthrough Changes

Certified NLP Trainer Yvonne McIntosh from Life Leaders International explains what NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is and how it can be used to change your Mindset! For more info on NLP and our coaching and training programs go to

23. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. @adzug Well, everything she said is very true, if it’s 90%-10% or 70%-30% IT DOESN’T matter. Everybody knows that our conscious is very small and the unconscious is huge that way it “rules” us much more than the conscious. And the age part was very clean and very well explained, and it’s obviously true, just watch the world outside. Very good video.

  2. @fucheduck i dont know about others in this thing, but this womans full of wind. shes saying nothing real and getting paid for it. its hooey.

  3. @adzug no corelation to “scientology” Neuro Lingusitics a way of communicating with words, body language, and eye movement.

  4. One of the best way to learn a language is read, read and read! Everything else is secondary and helpful.

  5. 10% is conciouss huh? where she get these figures? from the lifeleaders investigative team? i guess scientology is paying off for some so why not rebrand it and make some cash for myself. and biz ppl will nod and take this shite seriously. yes there are some psychological tricks you can learn for business but shes talking alot to give you the aire of something much grander than it is.

  6. That was awesome.

    But could you please go through the internal conflict part. I didn’t understand where she states, in the 90% unconcious body, there may be the conservative parents, and the other one being, soemthing else…I didn’t understand that.

    Would really appreciate it if you could tell me more about that!


  7. @OtagoMark
    Thank you for your eloquent and persuasive comment.
    Without wisdom such as you have kindly proffered, and with such good spelling, writing style, and grammar, where would the grown-ups of this world be?
    I will give you 10 little points for guessing correctly what I am qualified to do here in Japan.
    The comment I made is that this woman is trying to sell, as a professional, a concept whose application supposedly eradicates such things as poor / inept speaking. Simple – even for you.

  8. @staninjapan07 And this Ladies first Language is what?, you dopey prick. And just what do you think the hesitation is due to? you assume its dificulty with the language. you make alot of assumtions about things..

    Yuou also seem to like criticsing peoples speech, whats that about?? don’t tell me you teach Engrish?

  9. So, subconscious is like a blanked hard-disc?

  10. This lady hesitates more than English students whose first language is not English. I hardly think she is a model for what she is trying to sell (rather what she has been sold).

  11. this video gave me a strong desire to masturbate…..PROGRAMMING!

  12. Ive watched about 4minutes of this and Ive already turned off.Not sure if its me but…..what a load of old bollo cks !!!

  13. If I am still in the socialising stage why am I watching this video?

  14. Is this bitch nlping me right now?!? Fuck this!!!

  15. NLP can be abused by others also.

  16. Thanks your video explainned the brain well to me. I also found the description of the infuloences on our self while growing up.
    It reminds me of how a some one goes from a child thinking “what I can do for you” to a teen thinking “what can you do for me.” (what I heard)

  17. “Automatically” works a machine! We act naturally! 🙂

    What a cute accent of her, by the way. I’m learning the US standard one, and I just loved this one, which is diferent.

    Tnx you!

  18. Thanks for posting. Keep them coming!

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