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15. July 2011 by Admin
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  1. @haris000000 In the old way they hypnotised you to do a new behaviour in the new way they hypnotise you to have new state so that when your in the situation you will trigger the new state which will automatically give you correct new behaviours.

  2. cool, sounds like creating genious!

  3. @johntkucz um i know some stuff about nlp read a few books and so on but I dont really know the difrence betwen the new code and normal nlp? can someone give me a short explanation or a title of a book that explains the new code?

  4. if that’s your question, here’s my answer: I don’t want to go subjective at all. I’m much less of an “nlper” even though I comment on. I’m interested in math and science (universal,objective concepts).

  5. Yes it does so my question is and comment is just how “sub-jective” do want to go? and “feel” it as fact?

  6. that’s about keeping information hidden. that’s not what “map is not territory is about”. “be careful that your true intent isn’t disclosed” sounds deceitful (which is of course okay if that’s your intent). Map is not territory is a about what we perceive is distinct from reality because it’s an interpretation of our rep systems. (our optic nerve translating the retina for visual rep, for example) that creates “reality” on the canvas of our mind.

  7. All the coolest, most supportive, best people are british and australian. FACT. THAT’s My new code!

  8. haha!! Thanks ayetoday!! Thanks for the positive feedback and acknowledgement, fellow NLPer, mate! 😀

  9. Subjectively, speaking we can pre-suppose any concept and elicit a response. Ideas have impact internally and externally …..

  10. The “map” is not the territory…. carefull that your true intent isnt disclosed.

  11. johntkucz – spot on!

  12. i love this stuff! reassigned the new code to the unconscious….so it’s like it’s shifting more towards unsconsous but “no inherent content” all rep systems all input cahnnels, both hemispheres, etc.

    never discuss the problem…the problem is a state of approaching the context..very cool. just that outlook that shift, automatically commences the dissolution of hte problem!!

  13. idk you speak gibberish crap and your translation is stupid and superficial.

    What Grinder is saying sounds like he’s trying to create a fusion of nonverbal responses that are emitted on teh unconscious and percieved by hypnosis and merging that with typical NLP exchange.

  14. Thank you, my only point is “how deep” do we want to go? It is ALL subjective.

    It seems to me that we as humans are looking for a way out of what we already know is true.

  15. The book “Whispering in the wind” talks about the epistemology that forms the basis for the patterns that go in to creating “New Code”. The term is a way of differentiating between the patterns presented originally and the new ones.

    If u are looking for a very clean, elegant and ecological way to generate changes, then New code is something to explore. U can gain some understanding from the book, if u what to learn New Code to a level where you can use it, then training is vital in my opinion.

  16. Just a way to bring attention to Mr Grinders style of NLP…

    Remember “pre-suppositions” Am I assuming there is a “new code” these guys are good!

  17. is there a book about this new code ? and how to get into the unconcious assimilation state consitantly intetionly. ????? i have alot of books aboute nlp but none have mentioned the new code .

  18. fantastic. I love listening to John talk.

  19. great video 🙂

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