NEW! ‘Far From Criss Angel – Im Possible (2/4)’ MIND POWERS!!!

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18. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. LOL i’d like to see him do that WITHOUT the ring on.

  2. @DreadheadDicaprio he is wearing a ring that is really a magnet and the cup has a very tiny magnetic ring inside of the rim and thats how he maneuvers the cup around, by the 2 magnetic forces attracting and resisting eachother”. . ..

  3. if this is real, Then you’re possessed by an demon/jinn plain and simple i’ve done my research over the years about out government and so forth it is mind blowing but in the end its not worth it but i’m sure you know that.

  4. Fucking magnets how do they work?

    Good job cashing in on other people brah.

  5. I wish I could get 50,000+ views by blowing a cup without people noticing…

  6. He used his breath. you can briefly see him blowing the cup. He is just putting more attention to his hands so that the audience does not notice his mouth blowing.

  7. Hahaha that’s awesome xDD

  8. he want to be like criss angle

  9. im sorry i just dont beleive in magic or illusions anymore they are cool tho like wow it does look like you did that haha

  10. he does that with the ring

  11. well this is very intriguing i loved this, i just want to send u sOME WORDS OF encouragement so that u will continue doing what ur doing.. but u hve to admit that criss angel is gud thoo.. but carrer well done

  12. pause at 6:18 😛

  13. sweet@

  14. criss angel i guess did a trick and turned black haha jk man very impressive dude i hope you go far man, keep it up dude

  15. ring

  16. magnetic ring+ money

  17. sucks

  18. The strike is on the cup but he really blows it’s all arranged

  19. black version …

  20. I think he’s wearing a magnetic ring, but without a doubt he’s awesome!! 😀

  21. listen to the noise made as soon as he says i need silence to concentrate … these guys are paid !! and this is merely a trick just like chriss angel’s walk on water” with pixel glass 😐 thumbs up if u aren’t an asshole 😛

  22. lol from a white crhis angel to a black chris angel wtf.

  23. nul zéro

  24. nice bro

  25. nice pero ese truco es muy facil

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