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THE WAY TO WELLNESS THE DAWN OF A NEW DAY NEW WAY NEW DAY JAMES E. WOMACK Motivational Wellness Seminars, Hypnosis, Self Hypnosis, Relaxation Techniques, Team Building, PTSD Coping Techniques, NLP™, and HypnoCoaching™ Serving the United States and Canada James E. Womack seminars conducts motivational seminars using many different techniques. Our techniques include Neurolinguistic Programming also known as NLP™, Stress reductions techniques, Hypnosis, Hypnocoaching™, LMDR. Our programs cover a wealth of topics such as stop smoking, weight loss, stress reduction, phobias, fear, post traumatic stress syndrome also known as ptsd, team building. New Way New Day helps people with career choices, change and development, improve finances, along with spirituality and happiness so they can live a more fulfilled life. New Way New Day has a special ability to build leaders, inspire, and create a deep, lasting satisfaction in life. Additionally, they are acclaimed for their work at helping people develop, design and live extraordinary lives. James E. Womack is a very skilled motivational speaker and is passionate about helping people improve their lives. Wellness begins within and works outward. We are not physically well mostly because we are not emotionally or spiritually well. Our brain controls everything that goes on in our bodies and our thoughts create our beliefs and control our emotions that many time lead to unhealthy decisions that create bad health. We want to help you

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