NLP – Advanced Language Patterns – Jamie Smart

Language patterns needn’t be long strings of words and phrases. Some words are so powerful that only one or two together will do. Hear Jamie Smart reveal some powerful examples of little words that really count. This clip was taken from The Sleight of Mouth Mastery DVD Set available at
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21. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. @mona0303 yet, there is always room for improvement. =)

  2. I am learning NLP slowly by watching Jamie’s and a few others’ videos. I am understanding the concept of “presupposition”. ie) yet… presupposes (an implicit assumption that another thought would continue) ie) result… presupposes that they are proven before.. I like “yet”.. it’s both a continuation or contrast to someone’s thought.

  3. cool…I do nlp naturally

  4. Which books are recommended?

  5. I am a music teacher too and use ‘yet’ loads. After a while all I need to do is raise an eyebrow and the kids fill in the ‘yet’ for me!

  6. This is the kinda stuff im looking for.. any more links?

  7. i actually came up with a couple of years ago when teaching music and students would say ‘I can’t do this or that’. I told them it was ok to say that as long as they added the word ‘yet’ at the end of the sentence. What a difference it made! Thanks for all your videos Jamie 🙂

  8. Beautiful little gift…Thank you

  9. Cool, it’s amazing how powerful those little words are Jamie, aren’t they ;-D
    Bye, bye,
    The English Sisters

  10. nice vid again from jamie 😉

    more, more!

  11. good i love the skills of nlp!!!!!

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