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Allergies are basically a mistake on the part of the immune system and are typically developed during life transition times. Using NLP you can often eliminate an allergic response to something. If you have an allergy, find a competent NLP Practitioner who has been through a legitimate and thorough NLP Practitioner Training. This process is not intended to replace appropriate medical care. As always, check with your doctor to be responsible about your health.
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17. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. This seemed a little rushed to get to a result however you got the result so who cares what I think

  2. The truth is there isn’t a single peer-reviewed sceintific study that supports NLP. If you want to believe in magic, that’s your choice but don’t kid yourself that this is scientifically supported.

  3. @Davidow1 look at few anchoring videos and try this on yourself. I got it to work on the first try 🙂 years of glutin allergy gone in 5 minutes 🙂

  4. Thank you it’s a great demo.

  5. did you try it?

  6. Más videos como este (solo para doctores) en symposier (.com)

  7. exactly, Science is still discovering! 100 years from now peeeple will laugh about how much we knew. Every generation thinks they are the most advanced!LOL. It helped me breathe the very moment I followed these directions. Great work.Better than people doing nothing except talking crap. Thats not helping,Funny.

  8. exactly

  9. ur right McCallsuzi! it’s hard to accept for science ppl. This stuff sounds absurd to them. But that’s why having a balance of psychology, sociology, science, and math and truly help us understand how these things work.

  10. can’t say its impossible but this is total rubbish, the only way to test if this works is by a scientific experiment. this proves nothing

  11. Tim Hallbom Developed this NLP Allergy Relief response. He is the best.

    Hon Wong
    Developer of Zap

  12. I have bad eczema – and this is as a result of the immune system overreacting to things in the environment – do you think nlp will help it? I think I know the answer – yes…

  13. I’ve used these NLP technique successfully with many different kinds of allergies and can confirm that it works- for cats, dogs, all kinds of foods, pollens, strong smells, skin creams, bee stings etc. It allows the person’s immune system to be re-educated and have a new response. It’s too bad that it looks so simple that it is difficult for someone with a scientific background to accept it.

  14. As someone who was there in this class and has had this process done to me by my brother who also studies NLP, I have not had any problems with my allergies since then.

    Just because science and the medical profession can’t explain it doesn’t mean it doesn’t work.

  15. shiiiit

  16. If anyone could master this NLP techniques in order to heal their illness, changing their unwanted behaviour, etc etc… This is fantastic. And by using NLP technique to influence people and getting wat they want, I think everyone also wish to master it.

  17. we help people with dog Allergies, and run allergy trials for families allergic to dogs that still want a dog.
    We breed Hairless Terriers that are Non Allergic and tottaly hairless, im allergic to normal dogs very badly, but with these dogs i now have 5 American Hairless Terriers, its a dream come true.
    For all people wishing to have a dog please give me a call on 08968613760 and we can arrange a allergy trial for you. we live in England, Essex, SS11.

  18. Woa!
    Gotta find an NLP practitioner asap! I can’t go out at all during the summer even with medication!

    I guess that they are quite hard to find in Sweden though.

  19. I was in the second row of the class when this happened. It was incredible, because what the video does NOT show is that about an hour later, and on a new subject, Tim asked Debra how she was doing “now”. She said she was “totally fine” and the woman next to her noticed and told her she had pollen all over her nose and Debra not only didn’t know that, she had had NO REACTION! It was an incredible experience to witness this NLP process! NLP is awesome!

  20. Tim Holbom – the total alergy legend!

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