NLP Analog (Analogue) Marking Explained NLP Analog (Analogue) Marking Explained

29. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. I love your videos. When I started learning NLP and practicing embedded commands and analog marking I worried about being “caught”.

    Now, I’ll explain it to someone and give them an example using the “scratch your nose /head /(h)ear” command and do it as overt as one can without using a poke in the eye as the way to mark the commands. I’ve never had anyone realize what was going on. Not once!!

  2. i don’t why but i feel like i want to subscribe to your channel.

  3. It also works using gesture,pitch,tone,and basically in as many ways as you can be creative!

  4. lol, nice one! i’m just gonna head over to your page and click the… wait a second

  5. MANNN YOU EXELENT !!! look ive allready done a semi course of hypnosis.. but i want to know how to persuade and learn nlp… i also want to ask you if you know what techniques does derren brown use ?? thanx your making a very good job with yhose videos

  6. He used analong marking to program those who watch this video to not use analong marking inappropriately…funny

  7. Does this video contain hidden commands?

  8. This was very informatice SUBconsious stuff like this is hard to desSCRIBE TO most people. This shows how advertizeing uses our ZOMBIE-like brains to control what we MOUSE over on the internet. Be carefull what you listen to! lol.

  9. you are real good

  10. you rock!

  11. Yes, analog marking is an example of an embedded command.

  12. Wow, i’ve been looking for this. I think it’s also called embedded command? Not sure, my english isn’t too keen.
    Thank you so much for sharing.

  13. i scratched my head lol

  14. Many thanks for this video – very informative.

  15. thank you

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