NLP Anchoring: chaining anchors to get over a break up

Using NLP to get over a break-up. There’s no voodoo in this – just skillful use of Pavlovian conditioning through association (anchoring).Most people totally overlook the awesome capacity of their (subconscious) neurology to make these connections. Here Paul capitalizes on old negative memories to create automatic aversion. He does the same thing with these tools of Neuro Linguistic Programming to induce weight loss with hard to curb over-eating/ and dieting behaviours.
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23. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. aww good fort her hope it continues she seem a beautiful intelligent person that deserves health wealth and happiness

  2. i get the replacing one thought with another – i wondering though the unpleasnt evenbts have been replaced with nice thoughts about her ex? to collapse the negative thoughts. i thought she wanted to forget him not think about him in a nice way – im a little confued about this one – would anyone elaborate please

  3. Thanks for the Qs. –

    The process uses ‘states’ of feeling. Anchoring provides a means of being able to ‘capture’ feelings so we can use them to our advantage.

    _Anything_ you can remember or think of that churns your gut & disgusts you, can be grabbed and applied where you want. Likes & dislikes can be altered.

    When two ‘opposite’ states are forced to be represented at the same time, your brain rewires itself to facilitate the process, thus, you create a completely new state of feeling. P

  4. Had a question. What if I can’t think of reasons why I would not want to be with my ex? What if I can’t think of reasons he was not good enough? How can I get over him using this technique?

  5. This “The Last Straw” technique as is described in Richard Bandler’s book has worked for me to get over my girlfriend. It was a terrible relation and I was unable to get rid of the pain of losing her. After I used this technique,I am almost free from those painfulness. Very very effective technique. It works!!!

  6. Paul McKenna is great! I have his book and try and listen to the CD that came with it daily. Great way to start the day!

  7. I, too, sadly have an affliction. It’s called Syndrome Anxiety Syndrome.

    Must everything be a syndrome these days?

    Isn’t it possible it’s just something that you haven’t been able to cope with yet?

    Thinking about that now, I wonder if you can find an NLP practitioner to help you overcome those negative emotions as easily as you type the search into google right now.

    Look for someone who preferably knows timeline techniques.

    -Michael Stevenson
    Transform Destiny NLP Trainer

  8. It is that easy… nearly.

    This is not one continuous shot. As Paul said, the feeling would get worse before it got better. These kinds of threshold patterns can take some time (between 5 – 40 minutes) and can get quite uncomfortable.

    Obviously the video was cut and only shows about 30 seconds of actual therapy.

    NLP is brief, but not that brief. 🙂

    -Michael Stevenson
    Transform Destiny NLP Trainer

  9. You’re close. Like the compulsion blowout, this is called “The Last Straw” pattern.

    Think about people who have quit smoking, quit drinking, overcome their own phobias and left abusive relationships. In every case, they hit a threshold where they say, “NO MORE! I’m DONE!” This pattern greatly accelerates that until it happens “on purpose.”

    -Michael Stevenson
    Transform Destiny NLP Trainer

  10. compulsion blowout?

  11. Hi spershall. thanx for the post.
    It can be, and for many it is. Rebalancing life after break up is different for us all, however we all use sensory systems and neural pathways to ‘make sense’ of our world. Anchoring exploits these fundamental channels and that’s why it is effective. What complicates things (when we have a go at recovering post love) are our (often subconscious) beliefs. These can throw us into defense/protection mode – that’s often when things get hard to change.

  12. Oh please. Wouldn’t it be nice if it actually were that easy?

  13. Thank you for sharing.

  14. This woman was suffering from “Love Trauma Syndrome.” It is a really horrible thing to go thro as I am going thro it so I am going to try what this guy suggested.

  15. Whoa that’s amazing.

  16. he has the sexiest voice in the world!

  17. Cool.

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