NLP Anchoring Explained

Visit to learn how to use anchoring in everyday life. Watch this video to see examples of NLP style anchoring in action from Derren Brown, Tony Robbins and SNL
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15. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. God this explanation is so long-winded & boring. Get to the point!

  2. Cult.

  3. ….don’t you think that to degree that this study is some what more meticulous and exaggerative of simple actions and hand movements that improve communication?

  4. I love studying NLP! Also I’ve studied the 3 different types of people (Kinesthetic, Auditory and Visual) and more!

    The Human mind fascinates me!

  5. Can i anchor your colin ferrell accent when i want to pick up chicks?

  6. Great video. Now if only I could steal the anchors of my boss… and his boss… and take over!

  7. Do people actually believe this bullshit?

  8. Yes, i totally agree. As a Los Angeles Life Coach, also Known as Coach Hollywood, NLP is the way to be an effective communicator!

  9. Well Thanks.

  10. Did you notice how Derren Brown noticed her location for where she keep that limiting belief and held his hand up in that location.

    She looks down to her right, and then up two her left…He actually elicited two beliefs:

    1) She didn’t believe that should could do in school
    2) The belief that she could get all of her homework done

    good stuff

  11. @mpd19666 Indeed. The subconscious pwns the conscious mind.

  12. What amazes me is how much is going on ‘behind the scenes’ in the brain

  13. @MediaEventi Indeed

  14. @pistolgrip01: please, do not disturb with your newbie’s statements. Please, study.

  15. @JonChase I totally agree here.

  16. Thank you, very good. Subscribed.

  17. Complete rubbish. Brown had already hypnotised her off camera.

  18. What DB does is not easy but can be learned.

    Check out our video to see how NLP is used in music & film…”X: The Human Condition” was created as a groundbreaking live music and film multimedia experience, reviewed as a “Powerful live experience incorporating hypnosis & NLP in a way that has never been done before…”

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  19. brilliant analysis
    Thanks, bro

  20. @pistolgrip01

    I would love to see this guy get the same reaction if he didn’t use the tone of voice he was using and the body language he was using. Only 7% of what we process when we listen to someone speak is the words (that would fall under punch line). The other 93% falls under the tone of speaking(38%) and body language (55%). Learn your stuff before you speak again, thanks.

  21. Derren’s Awesome!

  22. lol this is tooo funny haha

  23. good review very nice mate, you just earn a new subscriber

  24. No, that’s inaccurate. Derren uses very advanced forms of psychology and mentalism tricks to attain the results that he gets. He also probably goes through a bunch of failed attempts to get to the successful attempts, as no one can do this flawlessly, but it’s not fake by any means. Anyone can do this.

  25. good over view thank you!!!!!!

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