NLP Anchoring Explanation

NLP Anchoring Explanation

The conscious mind is the part that is aware and holding your attention now. It performs the thinking, the reasoning and analysis. The subconscious mind handles what is in the background of the consciousness. It functions as our memory bank, drives emotions, imagination, habits etc.

NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) is one of the techniques that learn all of those things. The originators of this concept claim that the basic assumptions of NLP include the aspects of neurology, linguistics and cybernetics. However, the effectiveness of NLP primarily depends on how well NLP anchoring has been established.

NLP anchoring refers to the process where responses or a particular state of mind or thinking is associated with a factor or an anchor. The basic role of the anchor is associating a realization, feeling or state of mind with a stimulating factor, making these feelings and mindset available in handling new situations. With the correct anchorage, a psychotherapist can relate positive anchors with positive states such as in relaxation and calmness.

NLP anchoring elicits positive feelings only when the anchoring happens in incidents that continuously take place in a person’s life. This is usually done in psychotherapy programs, where the client is put in various forms of stimuli, creating and recreating situations where correct anchorage of feelings, emotions and mindset will be forged.

Negative feelings may also be acquired by anchoring when a person is subjected to situations where he had felt sadness and depression in the past. With the help of a professional psychotherapist, a person can work out a way where he can avoid these ill feelings and focus more of the good feelings.

NLP anchoring is an effective tool for people who are struggling from communication problems and psychological issues, such as low-self-esteem, self-image, depression, etc. NLP anchoring is a powerful tool that can bring relief and cure to a person’s psychological and communication problems.

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