NLP and a lighter look at eradicating fear! (part 1) NLP Master Practitioner Richard Grannon with a lighter perspective on phobias and fears.

27. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. beautiful sense of humour… . How do you do that :)?

  2. @Hayacroof – yeah your totally right… I really like his style of presentation. He communicates his point really well.

  3. well, if you think about it – you should really be afraid of the the ground…

    Why? Well no-one died of a fall… it’s the nasty stop at the end that turns you into a meaty sack of squishy goo.

  4. He’s like a big muscley Eddie Izzard.

  5. It makes sens eto always have some anxiety of heights. Afterall , you can fall off and hurt yourself or worse.

  6. lol…comedian

  7. hahaha now about that talking to girls thing bahahahahaha

  8. where’s the rest of it?

  9. Richard i really enjoyed that clip,very funny.

  10. cool video!im doing A level in psychology and this is really interesting.

  11. This is funny and informative! 😛

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