NLP and a lighter look at eradicating fear! (part 2) NLP Master Practitioner Richard Grannon on managing fear and modelling Steve Irwin (this was shot before his tragic death, though the video is tongue in cheek I do believe Steve´s ability to manage his state was masterful and worth modelling)

28. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. These are great videos. Richie’s a fantastic communicator. But we should remember that Steve Irwin actually ended up getting killed. (Perhaps he replaced the “fear” pattern TOO effectively?)

  2. Great stuff, I think I may have really found a way to supress fears thanks to this great nlp video.

  3. Is this Dvd no longer available?

  4. It basically boils down to this question:

    If you cannot control yourself – how on earth will you possibly be able to control an external situation?

    Once you have that self control – an external issue becomes much easier to deal with.

  5. Brilliant. thanks a million for the new perspective

  6. Thanks for uploading this, good stuff!

  7. Thanks for this mate

  8. this guy’s boss.

  9. thanks! you’re great!!

  10. great stuff, thanks

  11. can get enough of these videos,this stuff can save your ass in a time of need. even if its just getting the aggressor to walk away

  12. seems very interesting, ill think about it next time i am in a situation

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