Nlp Basic Guide

Nlp Basic Guide

NLP, which stands for neuro linguistic programming, was founded by John Grinder and Richard Bandler in the 1970s. They coined the term to denote their belief in a nexus between neurological process, language, and patterns of behavior that have been learned though experienced.

NLP is the bridge between admiring such people and actually being able to model their behavior. It gives you a specific set of strategies to be able to emulate the behavior necessary to model their success. It allows you to emulate excellence. Psychology’s focus is average performance NLP’s focus is on excellence.

NLP is the modeling of excellence. In the beginning this takes the form of unconscious assimilation and imitating the behavior of the genius until you can produce from your behavior the same responses as the genius. Once you have achieved that behavior, then you actually move on to analyzing what you are actually doing and why it works.

Since modeling is so crucial in NLP, it would make sense that you should find someone who did something successfully and copy what they did to achieve a particular goal that you have. This allows people to make profound changes in their lives very quickly. Many very successful people have used it effectively.

An expert NLP practitioner can have the effect of quickly influencing the behavior of another person to change them in ways they didn’t think possible. For example, Tony Robbins and Richard Bandler are known for being able to eliminate long held phobias that people have had in minutes.

Hopefully this whetted your appetite so you pursue more information about this truly profound area that has benefited many people’s lives for the better.

Often NLP is confused with hypnosis, but they are in fact different although the both can be applied in similar ways and can they complement each other well.

Ben Tien has been writing about Free Covert Hypnosis for many years. He is the educator of personal development with a strong focus on effective communication. Learn more about NLP in the author blog: NLP Way

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