NLP – Change Your Breathing, Change Your Mind

We all know that our breathing can change depending on our mood. Did you know that it also works the other way? Change the way you breathe and your state of mind will follow! Transform your mind by practising these odd yet effective breathing exercises daily. This video clip was taken from, the world’s most comprehensive resource for learning, applying, sharing & benefiting from practical Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) skills. For access to over 700 NLP videos, audios and articles go to to find out more.
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19. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. Indian Pranayama begins with the rythm 10 sec. in, 40 sec. hold and 20 sec. out.
    Make this an hour without interruption and you can call you as an beginner in Indian Prayama.
    The rythm goes up to 60 sec. in, 240 sec. hold and 120 sec. out.

    The rythm 2, 4, 8 as showed in the video is quite too fast and rough.

  2. Exellent! Introducting Pranayama into NLP Coaching.

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