NLP – Creating Rapport
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16. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. @TheDasword hey what’s the train stations name?

  2. why this background picture?

  3. @TheDasword gonna try that

  4. @TheDasword hahaha lol

  5. I used to find it funny when i was sitting in class – I would yawn and not long after 3 or 4 people would yawn after me..

  6. when i was at the train station, i started rubbing my dick, luckily the woman to the left of me joined in,,, powerful stuff

  7. that’s gay

  8. hahahahahahhahaahahhaha. that was the funniest thing i’ve ever read.

  9. You mean the middle finger buddy?

  10. It’s deeper than just mirroring someone, cause YOU ARE ACTUALLY MAKING FUN OF THEM, and somebody most likely WILL GET KNOCKED!!!

    CROSS-mirroring is safer than mirroring, and actually better when you’re matching from a distance. As for verbal rapport, key words are repeated in a pacing way before you decide to lead.

  11. don’t want to be a pill, but the speaker may have actually thought he looked like someone he knew. And it is unclear if the people looking at their watches at the same time did so because of his technique. I suspect that the cues of pulling into and out of a station may have signaled them to look at their watches.

    Point it, we don’t really know. Now if he had tried the technique over and over again with new people, that would at least be a methodological improvement.

    I’m just sayin’

  12. hahahahaha!

  13. oh man. I have to hand it to you. That was a good one.

  14. thanks

  15. lol yeah me too lmao

  16. This is dead on… Everytime I give someone the finger they give me the finger right back…

  17. woah, is mirroring bodylanguage so strong like that ? :O

  18. I once made rapport with a dinosaur…he followed me home. then I defeated terror on earth, got laid by the 10 most beautiful women you can find, and after that had a nice bath.

    Your story sounds powerful, but also pretty fake.

  19. Thanks very helpful!!

  20. that sounds like body language

  21. NLP is snide shit. its something tony fukin bLIAR loves

  22. LMAOOO
    6 other people checked their watch at the same time hahaha! That’s awesome. I find it hard to believe even though I know rapport can work.

  23. ‘Match gestures whilst YOU’RE talking’. People try to do it the other way around. That would annoy/distract them. Funny, the mention of ‘accidental rapport’ – a woman may be checking you out, and if you close yr eyes and play with your eyebrow or your lip, she’ll get her mirror out of her bag.

  24. Exelent video thanx very much !!!1

  25. cool

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