NLP Drunk Pattern – How to get drunk without drinking – explanation/demo

The NLP “Drunk” Pattern – a technique created by Richard Bandler in the 80s to help heroin addictions break the physical addiction. It was also shown by Derren Brown on his show Tricks of the Mind. This is a combination of state elicitation (using directive language) and NLP sliding anchors.
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  1. Wow the black dude looks like Tiger Woods


  3. @sextonqpr: the only part I cut was when I got up to turn on the music. I wanted to play something that sounded like it was in a club/bar to set the mood and it took me about 30 seconds to find something on my iPod. Watch again, the whole explanation and demo is there. 🙂

  4. I was there when Michael and Evan did this. Evan had not experienced it before and Michael (NLP Guru) posted the whole thing that was done in class. NLP is dependent on being able to follow direstions. Evan did a great job following Michael’s instructions.

  5. @10cents3 its the bloodhoud gang

  6. I found this so much easier when i watched it while drinking gin.

  7. that wasnt an expanation OR demo at all,u cut most of ya fucker

  8. That was funny I was skeptical until I experienced it myself.

  9. am not even fukcing drunk ya batsrds…u kno me john ya fukcuing do am your mate,we went to college yano ffffffucking CUNTS, i need to pee

  10. Lol song in background?

  11. I watched this again its so cool!

  12. Wow thats cool! Well done.

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