NLP Exercise 3 “Circle of Excellence”

Music from: Aphex Twin “26 mixes for cash” EXERCISE 3: CIRCLE OF EXCELLENCE 1. Relive Confidence. Stand up and let yourself go back in your memory to a time when you were very confident, abundantly confident. Relive that moment, seeing what you saw and hearing what you heard. 2. Circle of Excellence. As you feel the confidence building in you, imagine a colored circle on the floor around your feet. What color would you like your circle to be? Would you also like it to have a sound like a soft hum that indicates how powerful it is? When that feeling of confidence is at its fullest, step out of that circle, leaving those confident feelings inside the circle. This is an unusual request, and you can do it. 3. Selecting Cues. Now think of a specific time in your future when you want to have that same feeling of confidence. See and hear what will be there just before you want to feel confident. The cue could be your boss’s office door, your office phone, or hearing yourself be introduced before a speech. 4. Linking. As soon as those cues are clear in your mind, step back into the circle and feel those confident feelings again. Imagine that situation unfolding around you in the future with these confident feelings fully available to you. 5. Check Results. Now step out of the circle again, leaving those confident feelings there in the circle. Outside the circle, take a moment and think again of that upcoming event. You’ll find you’ll automatically recall those confident feelings

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  1. Thank you yawehking, your answer makes a lot of sense, actually it remembered me of something I read on a NLP basic book sometime ago. The Lord is King indeed….

  2. I have the same problem.. I don’t know quite how to get over it yet, but in NLP there are techniques for making an experience more desirable by altering the perceptions you have of the experience and making the imagery more profound. I guess the trick would be to engage your mind in something worthwhile, and if it doesn’t seem to be worthwhile, just focus on the goals of the task, and try to make to the goals you are seeking moreattainable to perhaps alleviate some of the pressure.


  3. Excellent video… I have practiced this a couple of times before watching the video, now I got it!!! Do you know any technique that can help me to change a bad habit I have? I don’t know when it began but whenever I try a new endeavor I start feeling hopeless until I don’t do the tasks anymore…. thank you for your comments….

  4. All feelings and emotions are like software that CAN be upgraded. When we associate with our experiences, is when we make it compelling, so learning the process of associating is one step closer to overcoming, although, the idea of overcoming is dropped when the clarity is received. Our experiences are all different facets building up to the same gem, so why not make that gem a little more symmetrical and balanced by learning to manage your own emotions and place them where you’d like them?

  5. Great video! That’s quite correct. Upgrade the feelings about any event and thus upgrade the outcome. Feelings are the indicators of where the individual vibrational frequency is. If they are in a high place, the whole situation will be pulled up into that high place.

  6. Well done. Was a great experience and i am sure this will help change my life in a much more positive way. Thank you for your great vids

  7. Sorry about the typos, “youcall upon an inner rescource.”

  8. I still can’t believe The King Of Pop is gone. I can still remember the day 2 years ago. RIPMJ

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