NLP Experience – It’s Not Just the Book

NLP Experience – It’s Not Just the Book

Even though the NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming concept has been around for decades, it is still not widely accepted especially by the scientific community. Skeptics claim that it has no scientific backing and brush it off as mere hypothetical.

Regardless of what the skeptics say, I am a living proof of those people who have been benefiting from what NLP has to offer. Coming from a sales background. I had seen and even experienced it first-hand of how practical NLP can be especially when executing it as sales tactics.

NLP is something that can be learned by anybody. People always think that it is their fault or people used to say “it runs in the family” that they have shortcomings in inter-personal skills. That is absolutely not true. Anyone can master NLP. The only pre-condition is that you have to have determination to learn and you have to have an open-mind to learn.

Many try to learn NLP and fail. Why? Because their approach is buy a book and do nothing. To be honest with you, it takes more than just reading to master NLP. The more crucial part is to put what you have read into practice. Yes, the key idea is practice, practice, practice. After all, practice makes perfect isn’t it?

So take my advice, what I did was, every time I came to a crucial point, I would highlight it and make a point to put it into practice for at least 2 or 3 times a day until I found myself doing it naturally. Repeat the process for all the crucial points of NLP like anchoring for example or studying eyes movement.

Of course, the best way to learn NLP is of through a proper training but that would cost you an arm and leg. If you are like me, just grab the best book on NLP and put it into practice and you are on your way to become and NLP master. Good luck!

Jay Daniel is an Insurance Agent who had found success using NLP techniques. You may read his full story at

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